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Saturn +5 ISO 14000 Pilot Project

  • 10.

    Describe the chain of command within the environmental management structure of the com- pany (including facility vs. corporate headquarters structure). Jeff Moore reports to the Manager of Engineering Services (overseeing all engineering efforts in the plant) who reports to the Plant Manager who reports to the Director, Operations for Federal-Mogul.

  • 11.

    Describe any issues of concern regarding communication between facility and corporate offices on environmental management issues. No significant concerns. Basically any kind of expenditure less than $5000 can be approved by the Plant Manager at Sparta without higher authorization. Virtually all environmental expendi- tures fall within that range. In certain instances, the Sparta facility will contact corporate envi- ronmental personnel at Federal-Mogul to get opinions on legal issues. Although at times it is considered desireable to contact corporate personnel to discuss environmental issues, it is not required by specific policy.

12. Describe the chain of command from environmental management to top/upper level man- agement of the company.

See response to question 10 (Organizational Issues) above.

  • 13.

    Generally, where does primary decision making authority over environmental issues reside within the firm? What type of decisions require approval outside of the environmental man- agement structure (i.e., from top/upper level management)? Jeff Moore has primary decision making authority unless it is an issue that is out of the ordi- nary. Some decisional authority is cost driven; matters over $1000 would need to go through the Plant Manager for approval. For all practical purposes, most decisions are made at the environ- mental manager level.

  • 14.

    Are environmental management decisions often made at the facility level rather than corpo- rate level? What type of facility level decisions require approval from corporate environmen- tal managers?

Yes. Facility level decisions would include a request to change environmental policy from that of corporate protocols or to change the current ISO 14000 registrar.

15. Describe the level of integration of environmental departments or personnel with the rest of the company.

There is a high level of integration given the size of the Sparta facility and the manner in which Sparta management understands the environmental issues facing the facility and supports the environmental manager.

16. In a related vein, what are the relationships between environmental departments/personnel and other departments within the company? (In other words, what links are in place to allow environmental personnel to effectively perform their jobs within the company?)

Very good relationships. Any necessary links would be included in ISO 14000 procedures and management system in place.


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