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Questionnaire Results: Federal-Mogul Corporation

  • 17.

    Describe any concerns with communication between environmental departments or cross- functional environmental employees and other departments with the firm. None.

  • 18.

    Does the firm rely upon outside consultants to handle environmental tasks? How often? Yes, but not often. Occasionally, a consultant will be used when applying for certain air per- mits.

  • 19.

    What factors are considered in determining whether to utilize consultants or handle an envi- ronmental matter in-house?

See response to question 18 (Organizational Issues) above.

20. How is the performance of the environmental management department evaluated within the firm?

It is evaluated by progress reports measuring performance against environmental goals and targets. These reports are discussed in internal management meetings. The overall management system is evaluated through audits required by ISO 14000 and, eventually, by audits performed by Federal-Mogul.

  • 21.

    Upon what criteria would departmental performance be judged? See response to question 20 (Organizational Issues) above.

  • 22.

    Are individuals with environmental management responsibilities evaluated on their perfor- mance of those responsibilities? Where appropriate managers are evaluated on environmental issues. This year some plant man- agement had as a goal to obtain ISO 14000 certification and were therefore evaluated on whether that goal was obtained.

  • 23.

    Who conducts such evaluations and what criteria are used to do such evaluations? Direct supervisors perform evaluations. End of year evaluations are based upon success in meeting previously stated objectives for that year.

“Perfect World” Issues

1. Could the environmental management system of your company be better? How? What would you change if you could? Why?

A requirement under ISO 14000 is to seek continual improvement of the EMS system. At present, Sparta is investigating methods to quantify and measure environmental performance based upon a “scoring” system similar to scoring systems used by safety departments (e.g., scores based upon numbers of accidents, man-hours lost due to accidents, etc.).


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