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Saturn +5 ISO 14000 Pilot Project

2. What degree of influence over corporate structure or policy does environmental manage- ment have? What degree do you think it should have? Why?

Within the Sparta plant, environmental management has a significant amount of influence. Given the size of the plant and the strong support from upper management, the environmental manager does not encounter strong resistance if he identifies an item where a change needs to be made.

Given the success the Sparta plant has had with its EMS, a good relationship has developed between the Sparta environmental manager and the Federal-Mogul corporate compliance de- partment. Federal-Mogul intends to consider environmental policy and procedure developed at Sparta in considering changes to Federal-Mogul corporate policy.

3. Are matters being handled by other departments in the firm that would be better served if they were handled by environmental?


4. Are there issues being handled by environmental that should be handled by other depart- ments?


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    When and to what extent is environmental consulted on issues of public relations, marketing, product development, etc. now? When and to what extent do you think it should? Jeff Moore is consulted regularly on issues of design and new product development, including attending design meetings so that environmental issues are considered during the process.

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    What meetings do environmental managers attend that are not run by environmental man- agers? Are there meetings that you think environmental should attend now but they are not? Because Jeff Moore has facilities management and environmental management responsibili- ties, wherever the facilities manager goes the environmental manager goes with him. This puts environmental in several meetings it might not otherwise be. Jeff Moore attends design meet- ings, layout meetings, internal management meetings, and weekly managers meetings and has the opportunity in each to bring environmental issues forward.


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