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Whether your facility is as demanding as a multi-building school environment, or as straightforward as a small office setting, STARCall delivers the level of service needed for occupants to keep in touch, in sync, and out of harm’s way. Robust intercom and paging, reliable timekeeping control, flexible program source distribution, powerful event processing, intuitive software tools,

and fully integrated telephone capabilities all headline this powerful suite with cost-effective features designed for maximum efficiency. To make an informed decision on your communication system, take a close look at the powerful STARCall features outlined below, then turn to the inside back cover for a selection guide to the feature set that meets your needs.



All STARCall systems perform critical two-way intercom and one-way paging. The Plus and Fusion feature sets add powerful PC control, greater application flexibility and an enhanced graphical user interface.

  • Security of students and staff is every school administrator’s first responsibility, and STARCall’s paging and intercom capabilities ensure this obligation is met. Each classroom supports two unique voice paths, providing redundant links should one of the communication devices become damaged, disabled, or blocked. In the event of weather or other emergencies, STARCall paging can be accessed from multiple locations – even via mobile devices such as wireless telephones – to deliver mission-critical information.

  • Personal safety is a benefit of STARCall’s off-hook duress feature, which automatically dials a programmed extension after a preset time elapses following the removal of a handset from its cradle. In such an event, a channel is opened to the

designated location, allowing real-time remote monitoring of the situation.

  • Hands-free communication is a vital part of any school intercom system and STARCall represents unobtrusive communication at its best. Whether it’s a call from the office to a specific classroom looking for a student, daily general announcements, or an emergency situation that requires immediate notification of everyone in the building, STARCall provides the necessary connectivity with clear, crisp, and intelligible voice audio.

  • Privacy is preserved by the STARCall system with optional in-building telephones that provide links to and between classrooms in schools. In commercial settings, where telephones may already exist, STARCall offers redundant communication links in key locations should the phone system go down.

  • The freedom of wireless call-in and system access takes paging to the individual level anywhere in your building – even out to the schoolyard.

  • Point and click convenience is a powerful feature of the STARCall Plus and Fusion packages, providing enhanced intercom and paging by incorporating PC-based user interfaces. Rather than tedious keypad entries to generate a page or intercom connection, Plus and Fusion operators see all devices on their monitor and simply click on the required locations or STARCall function.

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