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STARCall’s innovative Managed Audio sub-system offers the opportunity to provide background music, news, special events, or radio-style localized programming from any input source to all parts, or selected areas, of your building.

With STARCall’s Managed Audio, schools can share local or national interest programs throughout a building or campus. Examples may include a significant sporting event on a local radio broadcast, a late-breaking national

or international news event, seasonal music, or even a recording done by one of the school’s music ensembles at a concert or competition.

  • Any program source that generates a standard audio signal is compatible with STARCall’s Managed Audio feature. Output devices include CD/MP3 players, radio tuners, cassette players, microphone amplifiers, etc.

  • Two discrete programs may be offered simultaneously to different parts of your building, allowing targeted broadcasting of audio programs based on content.



Door monitoring and control is an ideal application for STARCall’s Event Manager, which can activate a security camera whenever a doorbell is pressed. This allows real-time verification of the visitor’s identity, while retaining a video recording for future reference. STARCall also offers door control, allowing a security guard or after-hours staff to verify the visitor’s identity and then unlock a door remotely via telephone, or even a wireless device.

Interior and exterior lights can be controlled by STARCall based on specific time-based events. STARCall will send signals to the lighting controls at specific times – or even based on inputs received from

All modern buildings today need communication, as well as control and monitoring systems to operate effectively and efficiently. Often operating independently, a building’s fire alarm, emergency paging, intercom, background music, door control and security, or other internal system can now be interfaced through STARCall’s powerful Event Manager, providing connectivity and messaging capability through one centralized system.

proximity-sensing devices. By lowering lighting levels in non- essential areas during off-peak times, STARCall can reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs.

  • Scalable capacity is one of the hallmarks of the STARCall family of systems. The Plus and Fusion packages handle more than 1,000 enhanced input/output ports, and feature a powerful PC-based user interface. The basic STARCall package has a maximum capacity of twelve basic input/output ports.

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