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S t . L o u i s C a t h o l i c S c h o o l w w w . s t l o u i s s c h o o l . o r g A r e y o u h a p p y w i t h y o u r c h i l d s s c h o o l ? I s y o u r c h i l d e x c e l l i n g i n a l l a r e a s ?

  • Kindergarten - 8th Grade

  • St. Louis students score above average on standardized tests

  • Extended Day Program (before and after school)

  • Excellent Certified Faculty and Staff

  • Caring and Nurturing environment

  • Conveniently located off of Route 1 (near Beacon Mall)

2 9 0 1 P o p k i n s L a n e , A l e x a n d r i a V i r g i n i a 2 2 3 0 6 C a l l 7 0 3 7 6 8 - 7 7 3 2 T h e r e i s s t i l l t i m e t o e n r o l l i n S t . L o u i s s c h o o l f o r t h e S p r i n g S e m e s t e r c a l l S t . L o u i s S c h o o l a t 7 0 3 7 6 8 - 7 7 3 2 i f y o u a r e i n t e r e s t e d i n e n r o l l i n g .

I’m Phillip Norris

Your Alex Neighbor…

  • for probably as long as you’ve lived in Alex. My wife

and I grew up here. I’m a finish carpenter with 28 yrs. experience.

My work is meticulous, and I take great pride in completing jobs on time, and on budget. Let me give you a quote on your Winter home project you’ve been thinking about and check it off your list! My prices are reflective of the times.

Finish Carpentry & Trim Works

Licensed • Bonded • Insured. References Upon Request.

Ofc: 703.684.5215

Cell: 703.403.2994


4 Mount Vernon Gazette January 28 - February 3, 2010


On Stage

Aldersgate Church Com- munity Theater pre- sented “Disney’s Mulan Jr.” on Sunda , Jan. 24.

Photos by LaShawn Avery/The Gazette

Margaret O’Meara plays Mulan’s mother.

Emma Ekman plays grand- mother Fa.

Kelsey Davis plays Mulan in the “Disney’s Mulan Jr.”

Hyland: Let’s Study Jail Costs

S upervisor Gerry Hyland, chairman of the Board of Supervisor’s Public Safety Committee, said that during board matters Tuesday he would discuss the matter of prisoners incarcerated in the local jail because they can’t post the bond to get out on bail. Many of these prisoners are in jail for minor non-violent offenses, he said, and the daily cost of keeping them in jail is $125. The state contributes only $14 toward their cost.

Hyland said he would ask the board to support a request to call on the Chief Judge and the Sheriff to look into the number of prisoners sitting in jail for minor non-violent crimes because they can’t afford the bond. The number of prisoners, the average sta ,

and the cost per prisoner of their total stay would be studied.

The supervisor wants to find out what could be done about revising the bond requirements to facili- tate movement of non-violent prisoners out of the jails in some circumstances, and cut costs in the pro- cess. He also pointed out that the county also is pay- ing for prisoners to stay in the local jail who should be transferred to the state penitentiar , but the state is overcrowded and has no room.

Hyland recently returned from a national meeting where jail overcrowding and cost issue was discussed.

  • Gerald A. Fill


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