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The PAP/RAC and the experts from MICOA would like to express their gratitude to Minister for Co-ordination of Environmental Affairs, H.E. Mr. Bernando Ferraz, and Governor of Gaza Province, H.E. Mr. Eugenio Numaio for their support and effort led to the preparation of this document. Our special thanks go to Mr. Filipe J. Mahanjane and Mr. Faquir Bay, Mayors of the Xai-Xai Municipality, for the kind support and successful chairing of the Steering Committee meetings, Mr. Alfredo Massinga, Director of MICOA CZM Department, and to Mr. Turk Abobacar, Xai-Xai for his support to initiate the preparation of this plan.

The Team would like to express their thanks to all officials and individuals met in the Gaza Province, the Xai-Xai District and Municipal institutions for the kind support and co-operation in the preparation of the Praia Velha Detailed Plan.

Our special thanks go to Mr. G. Everett, FAO, Rome and Mr. Ivica Trumbic, PAP/RAC director.

FAO Mr. Dixon Waruinge, FAO EAF/5 Co-ordinator, FAO Office, Nairobi

Ms. Helena Motta Mr. Rogério Wamusse

Biologist, National Team Leader, CZM Department, MICOA, Maputo

Chemical Engineer, National Deputy Team Leader, Director of the Provincial Department, MICOA, Xai-Xai

Joao E. Macucha

Director, Directorate of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Gaza Province, Xai-Xai

The MICOA Working


Mr. Domingos Macie Mr. César Masibe Mr. Fernando Mucoque

Tourism Expert, Provincial Department of Tourism, DPICT, Xai-Xai Physical Planner, Provincial Department of Public Works, INAHU, Xai-Xai

Physical Planner, Provincial Department of Physical Planning, INPF, Xai- Xai

Mr. Antonio J. Ngwenha

Civil-sanitary Engineer, Public Works and Housing Department, Gaza Province Director, Xai-Xai

Mr. Daniel Bimo Mr. Simeao Muchanga Mr. Joao Mucavele

Civil Engineer, Directorate of Public Works, Gaza Province, Xai-Xai Physical Planner, Municipality Town Planning and Building Department Sociologist, MICOA, Maputo

The PAP/RAC Working Team

Mr. Srdjan Truta Ms. Maria Schoonraad Mr. Jan Alberts Mr. Louis de V. Roodt Mr. Tony Border

Physical Planner, PAP/RAC Team Leader, Split, Croatia Physical Planner, University of Pretoria, RSA Tourism Specialist, Ecotourism Africa, Pretoria, RSA Civil Engineer - roads, University of Pretoria, RSA

Civil Engineer - water resources, Huff Border Smith and Associates, Johannesburg, RSA

Mr. Jacus Pienaar Mr. Andrew Leyel Ms. Branka Baric Mr. Ognjen Truta

Implementation Specialist, University of Pretoria, RSA Architect, SUIMO Lda, Xai-Xai – Zurich Assistant to PAP/RAC Projects, Split, Croatia Maps Editor, PAP/RAC, Split, Croatia

Photos by S. Truta and A. Leyel

The views of the Working Team contained in this report do not necessarily represent the views of UNEP or the Government of Mozambique.


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