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This chapter provides and describes the IDP implementation framework in two parts as follows:

  • General guidelines for implementation of overall IDP for Xai-Xai Beach; and

  • More detailed Action Plans/Programmes for implementing the IDP, the Demonstration Project, the Bankable Projects, and Development Models for some of the other developable areas or cells.

For both parts this chapter proposes the practical guidelines for action and also elaborates the sources, mechanisms and arrangements for funding the actions. It differentiates between short, medium and long-term actions. It also proposes for the most part actions that could be taken within existing legal frameworks and institutional capacity. Those that may require some amendment of policies and legislation and/or bureaucratic procedures are mostly in the long term.

The above requires inter alia some analysis and evaluation of:

  • Existing policy and legal frameworks and procedures with regard to tourism and general development;

  • Existing institutional arrangements and capacity for development implementation and administration;

  • Existing funding for installation, maintenance and operation of infrastructure and public facilities; and

  • Potential, alternative funding specifically appropriate mechanisms for recovering infrastructure costs from developers and other beneficiaries (local business, residents, etc.).

A specific component of the report is a proposal for the setting up and running of a "Development Agency" for Xai-Xai Beach.

    • 6.1

      General Guidelines for Implementation of the IDP

      • 6.1.1

        Approach/Principles to be Used Throughout:

        • Basic approach is the marriage of local and expert knowledge/wisdom. Do not

underestimate local wisdom, and make best practical use of it whenever possible.

  • Be practical, flexible and realistic (always allow for tactical alternatives to strategic plans).

  • Work within existing legal and administrative frameworks and procedures (but investigate steps for rationalisation/streamlining of procedures if necessary and possible). Also recognise existing civic, public, specific interest group forums, etc., and allow all to continue without threat from new suggestions (people will find own ways to change and challenge).

  • Recognise constraints of funding and technical capacity, availability of resources (but look creatively at alternatives, better use of existing resources and enhancement through training, etc.).


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