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  • Distinguish between what is possible in short, medium and long term (prioritisation and phasing). Always set goals which are realisable and measurable in terms of progress and success, even if it means starting with small interventions.

  • Be specific in terms of: action(s) needed, who is responsible, time frame, cost and funding source, monitoring, evaluation and review techniques, reporting, etc. (but flexible enough to allow for local creativity and initiative to enhance process and get around obstacles).

  • Devise ways to harness all the energy and resources potentially available for development, i.e., public sector, private sector and civil society by ensuring that each contribute according to their responsibility and benefit derived. Some of it can be achieved in a very specific way through public-private partnerships and joint ventures.

    • Also look at post-development phase: Long-term estate and territorial management within policy, constraints, etc.).

      • 6.1.2

        Main Objectives of the Project

The main objective is to bring tourists (and other investors) to Xai-Xai Beach (to act as engine for economic and social development), but to manage the process to bring maximum economic and social benefit to the area and minimise damage/bad effects on community and environment. To achieve this, at least the following needs to be done:

  • Create IDP and strategy for management (must be adopted and used by local government);

  • Remove bureaucratic and other obstacles, streamline procedures, clarify roles and responsibilities, etc., to reduce uncertainty and risk for investors and government;

  • Provide, maintain and operate infrastructure and services (NB: This requires the setting up of an adequate funding framework and strengthening of local technical capacity); and

  • Improve service efficiency and "image" of Xai-Xai as destination for visitors and more permanent investors.

6.1.3 Some Specific Major Issues that Need Attention:

Mapping and demarcation of concessions to be regularised/sorted out (Cadastral systems: maps, records, register, survey, costs, etc.);

Conditions for issuing concessions (agreement between concessionaires and local government/provincial government. Supplementary to existing legal procedures);

The setting up of a "Development Agency" for Xai-Xai Beach. This Agency could be a government one, but probably a private company acting as an agent for local government in carrying out its developmental mandate in the area;

If a "Xai-Xai Development Agency" cannot be realised or is not accepted, find appropriate channels through which developers can be made to pay their share of infrastructure and service costs (also upgrading of some existing infrastructure, e.g., ring road, water supply, etc.);

Improving vertical and horizontal co-operation/co-ordination amongst all role- players/ stakeholders: government, and private (consultation, information, communication). Also make procedures more automatic than discretionary, as this increases certainty and removes scope for corruption;



Local organisation for Integrated Development and Development Agency is not realised);



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