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  • Procurement procedures (tendering, bidding, contracting, joint ventures, etc.). Uniform tender procedures, contract conditions, and criteria for evaluation of bids and proposals could be developed with the help of the Development Agency and others;

  • Training and technical support of government officials and local communities; and

  • Identification and organisation of local skills, resources, etc., to share in benefits of construction and development trade. A good idea is to carry out a local skills and resources audit and keep it on a database for developers and new investors wishing to employ local people. This may even be developed into a labour exchange office administered by the municipality, alone or in partnership with local business chambers, labour organisations and other community organisations.

      • 6.1.4

        Possible Vehicles/Mechanisms to Assist Implementation

        • Inter-governmental Development Co-ordinating Committee: To deal with Xai-Xai Beach development in an integrated and co-ordinated fashion; and

To remove obstacles or delays, streamline bureaucratic procedures, clarify and assign roles and responsibilities, etc., and monitor development and progress.

  • Xai-Xai Beach Development Agency: To initiate and manage the funding, building, maintenance and operation of infrastructure for development, and provide technical and other support to authorities and investors.

  • Xai-Xai Beach Association(s) of Business Improvement District(s) (BIDs): To improve level of service efficiency and promote Xai-Xai as tourist and investment destination.

    • 6.2

      Policy, Legal and Institutional Framework

      • 6.2.1

        Existing Arrangements

The existing situation is that all spheres of government play a direct role in determining tourism development policy and practice, even at individual project level! This includes:

  • National Departments and Ministries in Maputo;

  • Decentralised branches of the above;

  • Provincial Government; and

  • District and Municipal authorities.

Certain decisions on project applications are taken at local level, others are referred to Provincial and even Central Government in Maputo. There appears to be a degree of overlap and duplication, too much referral to Maputo, and a perception that there is a lack of competence/capacity to evaluate development proposals and enforce development controls at a more local level. The relationship between the governor and ministries is not clear.

The ideal would be if project-level decisions could be taken locally within a general policy, regulatory and facilitating framework laid down by Central and Provincial Government. This requires clear guidelines, procedures and definition of powers, duties and responsibilities.

The obvious and practical thing to do, appears to be the formalisation and streamlining of intergovernmental co-operation and co-ordination in the planning for, and regulation and control of development. It is our view that with the IDP to guide planning, the assistance of a Development Agency, and greater organisation and co-ordination, much could be done locally to ensure sustainable development.


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