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  • The new layout should create space for some service and entertainment areas. Praia Velha Detailed Plan

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        Concept of the Praia Velha Detailed Plan

The existing layout has been remodelled based on the above mentioned criteria whilst accepting the following goals and principles:

  • Physical: Provide similar or better quality lots compared to the original layout by creating an environment that respects environmental and landscape values;

  • Environmental: Avoid unnecessary damage to the indigenous vegetation, secure conditions for protecting and restoring the vegetation cover at areas most prone to soil erosion, such as foredunes and seaward exposed dune slopes;

  • Functional: Design a residential-tourism area, which is a fully functional segment of the larger resort settlement by providing the necessary infrastructure, services and public facilities and is effectively linked with the existing development; and

  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness: Design a layout where roads can be constructed and services installed at reasonable cost.

Description of the Layout

Based on the above mentioned criteria, goals and planning principles the Detailed Plan layout was drafted and has the following characteristics:

  • The road network has been placed in such a way as to respect the topography. It thus follows the longitudinal and lateral valleys and is located in the lowest areas. Therefore, the roads in general are not visually exposed to the seaward side;

  • A longitudinal orientation of the main feeder roads parallel to the beachfront has been retained, in order to secure the adequate number and quality of the lots as in the original layout;

  • The main feeder roads are supplemented by roads located in the lateral valleys;

  • The road next to the sea has been replaced with a pedestrian route and properties fronting onto the sea generally have access from the back. The pedestrian route falls within the 100m green belt, comprising the beach and the foredunes;

  • The road network has been supplemented with pedestrian routes that cut through some of the longer blocks to facilitate pedestrian movement to the beach and to the green areas. Pedestrian access to the beachfront whether by means of exclusive pedestrian routes on the sidewalks of other roads is spaced approximately 200m apart to enhance permeability;

  • Provision has been made for public parking;

  • As far as possible the number, placing and dimensions of the existing concessions have been taken into account, while the average width of the lot has been increased to 25 meters to allow more green space between the houses;

  • Areas which are not suitable for housing development, such as depressions and landward oriented slopes are generally planned as green areas, retention ponds or for services and public facilities;

  • Adequate space has been created for public facilities including playgrounds, market and sport centre; and

  • Linkages with existing and future development have been created by means of green space and vehicular roads.

The area taken up by the various land uses in the Praia Velha Detailed Plan is given in Table 18 below.


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