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Prepare cost estimate for Project’s realisation (separately per particular items and in total);


Determine financing sources and time frame within which the reimbursement of financial means invested into the Project’s preparation by end users could be expected; and




Provide explanation for organisational framework and the way of Project’s implementation, i.e., the activities to be undertaken.

As it could be seen from the above mentioned, the Bankable Project might include a variety of activities in the coastal area, such as development of a particular economic branch (i.e., fisheries). Also, the Project might be extremely environmentally oriented (i.e., rehabilitation and enhancement of the coastal dunes state). However, it has been confirmed in most cases that Bankable Projects are related with the development and enhancement of infrastructure in particular areas with the emphasised environmental component, such as liquid and solid waste treatment and disposal.

7.2.2 Selection of Bankable Projects

Within the framework of the preparation of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for Xai-Xai Beach, the opportunity appeared for the selection of a large number of Bankable Projects. The needs for rehabilitation and development opportunities of this extremely tourist locality have considerably been increased after the long period of political and economic instability in the country calling for their immediate realisation. After several discussions within the working team and with the representatives of local authorities, it has been concluded that development component should be given highest priority whereby infrastructure reconstruction and development is the biggest problem of this tourist area. The following Bankable Projects were selected:

  • Reconstruction and Development of the First Phase of the Xai-Xai Beach Water

Supply System;

  • Construction of the Backset Distributor Road; and

  • Elaboration of a Tourist Marketing Portfolio.

The above-mentioned projects are only a smaller part of interventions envisaged to be undertaken within the framework of the Xai-Xai IDP being of particular importance for starting their systematic and organised implementation. By realisation of these projects, an ad hoc and consequently a haphazard approach to the resolution of development problems would definitely be given up and prerequisites would be created for a sustainable tourism development, as well as for the development of other accompanying activities in the area.

Taking into account the limited possibilities for funding and reimbursement of invested financial means, particular attention should be accorded to the phase realisation of elaborated projects.

    • 7.3

      Construction of Backset Distributor Road

      • 7.3.1

        Roads Network Proposals within IDP Framework

The transportation system in Xai-Xai Beach area will, for the foreseeable future, be road based. Routes must open up the area for development as envisaged in the framework and should be conveniently situated to cater for vehicular and non-motorised transport modes.

The coastal management development framework aims to strike a balance between the protection and preservation of sensitive coastal environments, and development pressure with concomitant access requirements. The land-use and environmental suitability analysis defined the areas that can be opened up for development. The road network proposals are aimed at providing access in a defined hierarchy of routes. The existing layout of Xai-Xai Beach is applied as a pattern to maintain some theme in the development layout, within the constraints of the topography and road standards.


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