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The road proposals have been developed in conjunction with the spatial planning framework and relate to the developable areas along the coastal dunes. These proposals aim to balance the ecological impact of roads and access with the need to order the development pressure in the area.

The backset distributor road is categorised as second important in hierarchy, after existing district road linking the Xai-Xai town to Praia which is first category. The distributor road links the two district roads and runs parallel to the coast.

The backset alignment of the distributor road was adopted as it runs on the inland edge of the developable area and thus defines this edge. It can be constructed in stages as the demand for land grows. No direct access to any individual properties should be given to this road. Only collector road or access roads from mayor concession area may intersect with it. This road will be designed for mobility and regional access, thus requiring relatively high design standards.

7.3.2 Technical Description

The backset distributor road will be constructed in sensitive and protected area of coastal dunes following the contour lines at approximate altitude of 60 m above sea level. The road includes several sections of different length thus enabling phase construction beginning from the existing district road to Xai-Xai towards district road to Chongoene. The entire length of the backset distributor road is given in Table 22 below:

Table 22

Length of the Backset Distributor Road

Section N T2 - T3 T3 – T4 T4 – T5 T5 – T5A T5A – T6


Section Description Xai-Xai district road to Cell-3 collector road Cell-3 collector road to Cell-4 collector road Cell-4 collector road to Cell-5 collector road Cell-5 collector road to Cell-5A collector road Cell-5A collector road to Chongoene district road

Distance in km 1.153

1.737 2.394 477 3.314


Backset distributor road


Design Standards, Typical Cross-section, Drainage, Design speed, Gradients, Pavement design, and Construction materials that should be the part of the bankable projects when presented to potential investors are presented in chapter 4. of this report.

7.3.3 Objectives and Benefits of the Project

The backset distributor road is the backbone of spatial and functional organisation of the Xai- Xai Beach tourist settlement. Its realisation would definitely confirm the orientation of population towards giving up spontaneous and environmentally harmful development. Also, either realised in phases, or particularly as a whole, benefits from the road construction would be numerous, among them the most important are given below:

  • The orientation of national and local authorities towards organised and sustainable development of tourism and policy for preservation and enhancement of coastal resources (e.g., beaches and foredunes vegetation) would be confirmed;

  • Opportunities would be created for a sustainable development of the entire area not only of a narrow coastal belt running along the beach;

  • Opportunities would be created for a successful realisation of the other needed infrastructure development, such as electricity and water supply, solid waste collection and disposal, etc.;


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