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Furthermore, each of the above-mentioned sections may also be developed as a separate investment thus reducing considerably initial costs, and organising the road construction for a long term depending on developers’ interest for construction in particular development cells.

It should be pointed out that almost half of the entire investment (568,650 US$) accounts for sections T5-T5A and T5A-T6 that connect very small development areas and make the already developed tourist area a functional whole. Therefore, the development of these sections could not be possible before the mature period of the Xai-Xai Beach resort development.

Based on the current construction and concessions granted, it would be opportunely to prepare at present a detailed project documentation, and start with realisation of the following:

I phase:

Grading and construction of stabilised base for sections T2 to T4 in total 138,720 US$; and

II phase:

Grading and construction of stabilised base for section T4 to T5A2 in total 114,912 US$.

In such a way, the whole Bankable Project could be realised in the nearest future.

    • 7.4

      Construction of Water Supply System - First Phase

      • 7.4.1

        Summary of Existing Systems

The present system is in a poor condition and is unable to provide an assured water supply to the town. The main problem is a very little reservoir storage (only 5% of current requirements), and only one pump dependent on an erratic electricity supply without standby pump or generator. Moreover, the source of water is a well, which risks pollution from nearby septic tanks or possible salt water contamination if over pumped (it is only 100m from the sea). Finally, the reticulation is old and uncertain and unlikely to be able to meet peak demands if major hotels are to be built up. Also, there is a risk of local pollution through possible contamination when the pipes stand empty and the pumps fail. The danger of pollution through reticulation is also increased, because there is no system of chlorinating to treat the water and protect against contamination and impurities.

7.4.2 Technical Description

The proposed water supply project (see Chapter 5.) begins with new wells located inland away from sources of pollution. Water from the wells is to be pumped to new reservoirs at higher elevations of 88m. Water from the new reservoirs is to be supplied by gravity with new high- pressure water mains to the town. Water is to be distributed through new high-pressure pipes with metered connections to consumers in the town and to new development along the coast.

The old well, old reservoir, old reticulation and distribution system will then be dismantled and abandoned as being unsafe, old and unhygienic. A start on the new construction can be made by building one component of the future new distribution system to supply the new township of Praia Velha. This would comprise new high-pressure pipework:


With a new main laid from the existing old reservoir at the entrance to the town along the existing ring road, to run west to Praia Velha.

  • 2.

    New high-pressure distribution mains in the new Praia Velha township.

  • 3.

    Metered connections to each stand to be installed and paid for by the stand owner.

The pipes would be plastic uPVC pipes class 9 designed to a working water pressure of 90 metres head. All valves and fittings would also be class 9 designed to 90 metres working water pressure.


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