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Marketing Portfolio

7.5.1 Technical Description

With the exception of a few island destinations, all tourism activities came to virtual standstill during the 16 years of civil strive in Mozambique. In the Gaza Province tourism related activities resumed in 1993, a year after the signing of the Peace Accord. Tourism in Gaza and, therefore, also in Xai-Xai Beach is in process of reconstruction – not only of physical infrastructure but also of human resources and most importantly of its tourism image.

In order to place Xai-Xai Beach back in its rightful place on the tourism itinerary of the region and of the world, an integrated marketing strategy needs to be planned and implemented. The reconstruction of the desired tourism image through a concerted marketing effort should, however, go hand in hand with consistency in terms of the delivery of quality tourism products in order for it to have a lasting effect.

Aspects which currently provides Xai-Xai Beach with a not-to-be-missed window of opportunity for drawing the market’s attention are:

  • a)

    The improvement of access through the Maputo Corridor development;

  • b)

    The professionally drafted Integrated Development Plan for Xai-Xai Beach currently under preparation and financed by UNEP; and

  • c)

    Investment in prime in tourism development in the area, such as Zongoene Lodge and the Oasis Hotel.

These aspects should be effectively communicated to potential investors and to travellers in order for Xai-Xai Beach to effectively capitalise on them by drawing long-term investment to the town and region.

7.5.2 Objectives

The objective of a marketing campaign for Xai-Xai Beach is to inform the broad public in the Republic of South Africa (expected source of ± 70 % of all visitors) and the international travel trade of the Praia’s efforts to re-establish itself as the prime resort town it was known to be during its heydays in the 60’s.

An Integrated Marketing Strategy for Xai-Xai Beach should, therefore, be launched, based on a multi-media approach and should aim to reach a broad spectrum of potential visitors/investors with enough information in a palatable format and at a reasonable cost.

7.5.3 Project structure

The recommended marketing campaign should span a period of approximately two years and should include the following:

Marketing agent

A marketing agent should be appointed and made responsible for co-ordinating the campaign and for responding to enquiries resulting from the various marketing initiatives. The agent should preferably be situated close to the source market – Gauteng (Johannesburg/Pretoria) would, therefore, be a recommended base.

Print media

Xai-Xai Beach’s printed campaign will be structured to inform potential large-scale investors, the travel trade and travellers. The following approach is recommended:

  • a)

    1 x full page advertisement in two major South African newspapers – total circulation of 500 000 +;

  • b)

    1 x full page advertisement in the travel section of two major South African newspapers – 5 total circulation of 500 000 +;


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