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Coverage by South African travel media to be arranged through sponsored visit by ± 10 selected journalists to Xai-Xai Beach; and


2 x print runs of 5 000 colour information brochures for selective distribution.

Electronic media

Acting as support to the printed campaign, the following electronic media campaign is recommended for its cost-effectiveness:

  • a)

    The professional production of a film clip to be used as information tool and to be aired by a major Southern African TV Network (M-Net) as a newsclip or as part of a popular actuality programme; and

  • b)

    The production and management of an interactive website supplying updated information on Xai-Xai Beach’s tourism products and related investment opportunities.

Other initiatives Other recommended marketing initiatives to be included in the Xai-Xai Beach campaign are:

  • a)

    Staging a joint Xai-Xai Beach exhibit at the annual South African Indaba Travel Show in Durban in order to attract the attention of the incoming tour operators serving Southern Africa; and

  • b)

    A sponsored 2-day visit by ± 5 international travel agents to introduce them to the Praia and its potential.

7.5.4 Benefits and Risks

The benefits of such a campaign are innumerable, but could be summed up as being that, without a concerted marketing effort of this nature, the word-of-mouth process will need more than 5 years to effectively re-focus the attention of investors and travellers on the potential of Xai-Xai Beach as an accessible resort destination. A well planned and executed marketing campaign will result in attracting the necessary visitors number and investors capital so dearly needed to make the Xai-Xai dream come true.

The greatest risk involved in a marketing campaign of this nature lies in creating expectations which cannot be met, both in terms of what is offered to investors and to visitors. Xai-Xai Beach’s marketing campaign, in order to be effective, therefore needs to be backed up by an effective communication forum, fully representative of all the decision-making authorities on a local, and central government level. In this manner interest generated through the marketing campaign may be dealt with effectively, thus leading to further positive interest.

7.5.5 Technical Assistance

A focussed marketing project of this nature, needs to enjoy the full support of the local authorities involved, but has to be managed by an experienced marketing agent contracted for the purposes of the campaign. Such an agent will have to be comprehensively informed of the various investment opportunities and tourism resources within the area worth communicating to the market and will require the support of existing private initiatives in the region. While particularly targeting the potential investors the IDP framework could be of a great help presenting the Xai-Xai Beach as a rare area in Mozambique offering organised approach to tourism development.

7.5.6 Sustainability

This project will have no direct environmental impact, but by attracting visitors and serious investors has the potential to contribute substantially to the implementation of Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and, therefore, on sustainability of the entire Xai-Xai Beach area.


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