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Training of National Experts

Within the framework of the EAF/5 – Second Phase in Xai-Xai, Mozambique, the need for an incremental learning-based approach was recognised among other activities. In the project workplan, besides planning and implementation tasks, particular attention was paid to training tasks.

The pilot training task should be an interactive participatory learning process. The training process should be adaptive enough to enable the participants to identify the already conflicting and diverging interests over resources, e.g. fisheries, forestry, tourism, in heavily developed sites. Further, the training process should pro-actively evolve to provide the participants with a dynamic management tool to facilitate the adequate decisions in resource allocation. This task should be practical on-the-job exercises, providing experience and a comprehensive information basis on which a process towards a holistic approach to coastal resource management should be developed.

In order to transfer to Mozambican experts an adequate knowledge and training, particularly relevant to tourism being the main activity in the pilot site, Xai-Xai Beach, the training task was based on the following components:

  • 1.

    Learning from the existing examples of tourism development and management relevant to the pilot site in environmental and market oriented issues;

  • 2.

    Providing on-the-job training by international experts that includes activities relevant to particular components of the project, such as tourism and physical planning, design of infrastructure projects, implementation framework elaboration, etc.; and

  • 3.

    Elaboration and implementation of the Demonstration project as a specific component of on-the-job training providing the national experts with the guidelines for the implementation of the planning proposals.

1.1 Study Tour - Learning from Experience

For the accomplishment of the first component, i.e. learning from the existing examples of tourism development and management, a study tour for national experts to the developed tourist coastal region was chosen as the most appropriate learning method. Since the adequate examples were not available in Mozambique, a visit to the neighbouring coastal region of Kwazulu - Natal in the Republic of South Africa came out as a logical choice based on the following facts:

The northern coast of Kwazulu - Natal belongs to the same coastal region of

parabolic dunes as the Xai environmental characteristics;

  • -

    Xai area, thus having the similar physical and

As regards tourism, Kwazulu

  • -

    Natal is a developed coastal region and has

undergone the stages of tourism development process that is still to begin in Mozambique;

  • Since the majority of visitors to the coastal Kwazulu - Natal and to the south of Mozambique, particularly to Xai-Xai Beach, are and will be from the RSA, more or less successful examples of tourism development could be found in this coastal region; and


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