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IDP Implementation Framework

This chapter provides and describes the IDP implementation, General guidelines and more detailed Action Plans/Programmes including development models for development areas or cells. The practical guidelines for action includes the sources, mechanisms and arrangements for funding the actions. It differentiates between short, medium and long-term actions. It also proposes for the most part actions that could be taken within existing legal frameworks and institutional capacity.

There are three main areas of funding to be considered. The first is operational funding for local government to ensure that it can continue to carry out its task of providing services to the community, and of regulation and administration. The second concerns bridging finance or development capital for infrastructure construction. The third area of funding concerns the ongoing operation and maintenance of infrastructure and services provided by local authorities and utility companies. A funding framework for a developing area such as Xai-Xai Beach would typically rely on a combination of

The main concern around funding for development, operation and maintenance of infrastructure and services is that effective, equitable mechanisms need to be created to ensure that developers of concessions (both private and commercial) contribute in proportion to the burden their developments will place on public resources and the value and benefit they will derive from improved infrastructure and administrative capacity.

Such mechanisms should not be created in isolation by different departments, but in co-ordinated fashion to ensure proper distribution of resources and directing of investment in accordance with IDP. This could possibly be done by the proposed Intergovernmental Committee, without or preferably with the assistance of the Development Agency.

For future development of development cells or areas two options of Actions plans are presented. One is where a whole cell or area is parcelled out to a single developer under one concession on a tender basis as previously described. The developer would then be responsible for elaboration of the detailed layout plan within the overall guidelines of the IDP, and for investing in and arranging the construction of internal services. In the other option lots are allocated to individuals each under its own concession and subject to the conditions as defined elsewhere. In this case the Development Agency in co-operation with, and under supervision of relevant authorities will be responsible to the relevant authorities for preparing detailed layout plans, for arranging pre-financing of the construction of services.

Demonstration Project

The main objective of the Demonstration project is to implement the proposals contained in the IDP on a limited scale, so as to act as an example for future development. In the case of Xai-Xai Beach, an appropriate demonstration project includes the elaboration of a more detailed plan and implementation on a limited spatial unit or small segment. After considering the proposal made by the Steering Committee, MICOA and PAP/RAC decided to take the Praia Velha area as a demonstration project.

The demonstration activities includes as follows:

  • Elaboration of Praia Velha Detailed Plan;

  • The adoption of the Detailed Plan by the Xai-Xai Municipality;

  • The review of concessionaires list and assignment of newly created lots to concessionaires;

  • The development of the layout plan with co-ordinates suitable for pegging;

  • The selection of appropriate surveyor and pegging of new lots; and

  • The engagement of a local institution in the preparation of the detailed implementation

framework for Praia Velha.

The pegging of lots according to the Praia Velha Detailed Plan layout is completed. The representatives of the local institutions, such as Planimento Fisico and Urbanização, co-operated in pegging, contributed to it’s success and approved the work done. The results have been presented at a Steering Committee meeting and have been approved of.

Bankable Projects

Since the Bankable Project is not a generally known category of projects, it may be defined as a document aiming to attract attention of donors or investors for funding of a particular project, which is part of the ICAM implementation process.

it has been concluded that development component should be given highest priority whereby infrastructure reconstruction and development is the biggest problem of this tourist area. The following Bankable Projects were selected:


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