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Recommendations and Conclusions of the Workshop

The Workshop took place at the MICOA Centre for Coastal Zones Sustainable Development (CDS) in Xai-Xai Beach, on May 20 and 21, 1999. The Workshop was organised by MICOA’s Department for Coastal Zone Management and supported by the Municipality of Xai-Xai. The official language of the Workshop was Portuguese.

2.1 Objectives of the Workshop

The general objective of the Workshop was to assess the work done and results achieved within the EAF/5 - Second Phase pilot project on integrated coastal area management (ICAM) in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. The specific objectives were as follows:

  • To appraise the proposed Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for Xai-Xai Praia;

  • To evaluate the implementation of the already adopted Praia Velha Detailed Plan

demonstration project; and

  • To discuss the proposed IDP Implementation Framework and suggest the follow up.

    • 2.2

      Participants of the Workshop

The participants of the Workshop were as follows:

  • Representatives of the Xai-Xai Municipality authorities headed by Mr. Faquir Bay, Xai-Xai Major;

  • Representatives of the Gaza Province and Districts’ authorities including the administrators of Bilene-Macia and Manjacaze Districts;

  • Representatives of the leading tourism development enterprises in Mozambique;

  • Local stakeholders and potential investors in the area; and

  • Members of the IDP Steering Committee, national and PAP/RAC working team experts.

    • 2.3

      Workshop Recommendations

      • IDP should be presented to the Municipal Assembly and Government of the Xai-Xai District by responsible authorities and national working team members in order to be adopted as the official implementation document;

      • The Steering Committee, which was created during the planning phase, should continue to co-ordinate the work of local authorities in the forthcoming process of the IDP implementation;

      • There is a need to establish the “Development Agency”, whose priority tasks should be the implementation of the IDP Action Plans, such as the elaboration of detailed investment programmes in particular for infrastructure development, available budget sources, including the necessary contribution from each existing and future concession holder;

      • The Municipal Council and the District of Xai-Xai should work together on the revision of the fees and taxes policy, in particular establishing the appropriate value of the land to be assigned to the future concessionaires. In carrying out this task the above mentioned authorities should be assisted by the “Development Agency”;

      • The “Development Agency” should, as its primary task, identify and try to secure financial sources for the implementation of the Bankable projects, e.g. “Tourism marketing portfolio”. This also includes the preparation of the “development cell” necessary documentation for one of the IDP proposed “development cells” in order to advertise and select the most appropriate potential developer;


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