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The main activities implemented are based on the Inception Report containing the Workplan and Logical Framework Analysis which envisaged the following activities:

  • 1.

    Assessment of the relevance of existing plans and policies on coastal development for Xai-Xai Beach as a pilot site;

  • 2.

    Preparation of the Integrated Development Plan for Xai-Xai Beach (IDP), among others, containing as follows:

    • Tourism development strategy based on carrying capacity assessment for tourism for Xai-Xai Beach;

    • Land-use plan, including spatial structure and organisation, land-use;

    • Infrastructure network and development; and

    • Implementation framework including capacity building;

  • 3.

    Support provided to national institutions to implement project activities, i.e. demonstration projects and preparation of bankable projects.

  • 4.

    Training and support provided to national experts to undertake project activities on ICAM process and tourism development issues.

  • 5.

    Support provided to NGOs and stakeholders to participate in ICAM project activities.

1.2.1 Objectives of the Project

Traditionally, the resources of the Mozambican coast have been, as in most places, developed in a sectoral (e.g., fisheries, agriculture, tourism) manner with little regard to the inherently integrated nature of coastal and marine ecosystems supporting these sectors. The coastal zones are also usually managed only within political/administrative boundaries rather than environmental units, which often result in overlapping jurisdictions and responsibilities. Finally, sectoral approaches particularly in tourism development often target short-term rewards without taking into account long-term costs of resource depletion. If Mozambique maintains a status quo of ad hoc investment strategies, the result will be a further decline in environmental quality and functioning, an increase in conflicts among the users of the coastal zone, and diminishing of resources available to those users. A new model of coastal zone planning and management to guide investment strategies is needed for the people of Mozambique and interested donors, targeted at both private and public sectors.

The general objectives of the “Integrated Development Plan for Xai-Xai Beach” and its implementation can be summarised as follows:

  • To reverse the existing trend of an ad hoc and haphazard development by creating the conditions and instruments for an organised and effective sustainable development in the Xai-Xai Beach area;

  • To provide national, regional and local authorities with a pilot integrated development plan and implementation framework the approach and methodology of which could be adequately applied to other relevant areas of coastal Mozambique; and

To train national experts and create a team of planners and other experts who will be able to implement the principles of sustainable tourism development in the sites proposed within the Tourism Master Plan for Coastal Mozambique1.

1.2.2 Rationale and Goals for the Plan Preparation

This new, integrated approach to coastal development will ensure that the beautiful environment of the Xai - Xai coast remain intact and can continue to support present and future generations. It charts a transition course to plan for growth, which can co-ordinate diverse


Prepared by the DanGroup enterprise and Mozambican Ministry of Tourism


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