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activities and users while managing and protecting the ecosystem. It requires a multiple-use approach and the participation of all the stakeholders in an integrated and participatory manner. These stakeholders include governments at the national, district and local level, non- governmental organisations, research interests and the private sector.

The process of this plan is one of designating zoning and activities - for both conservation and development - which are designed to mitigate conflict and environmental costs while maximising the net benefits to the society. Once adopted, the Plan provides a blueprint for the development, as well as a way to monitor the progress of particular actions and specific zones. It operates through a clearly defined development zone, but is viewed from within the context of a broader district’s coastal area.

There are numerous reasons why Xai - Xai Beach needs a Plan today. The most important are:

  • The coastal stretch between Xai - Xai and Chongoene Beach, compared to other parts of the Gaza Province is one of most important and economically most valuable spaces, from both developmental and environmental point of view;

  • Although the population level in the narrow coastal zone has so far been rather limited, the economic and social transition of Mozambique will cause many people to migrate towards the coast and, if they do not fit in with the organised environment, serious deterioration of natural and men-made resources can occur;

  • There is a nationally declared need, international market demand and proclaimed strategy to reverse the existing trend of involuntary outgrowth into an organised sustainable tourism development in the area;

  • By creating conditions for the organised tourism and housing development in the designated area, the pressure and threat of uncontrolled outgrowth spreading into the neighbouring naturally virgin areas will be minimised;

  • An adequate funding framework should be developed as a part of this plan, in order that present and future tourism and housing developers who have got prime building sites, could contribute significantly to the development of the necessary infrastructure in the area; and

  • Based on an integrated approach in solving the problems relevant to environmental protection, sustainable development of tourism accommodation and housing, supported by an adequate infrastructure and facilities development, institutional framework and capacity building, this project could serve as a pilot project for establishing a tourist resort in the environmentally sensitive and fragile area of coastal dunes.

1.2.3 Methodology Applied

The methodology of plan elaboration has been based on the integration of sectoral components, plans and projects developed by a multidisciplinary team composed of national and international experts. To achieve a desired level of sustainable development the relevant sectoral components have been integrated into a harmonised planning and implementation framework. These components are as follows:

  • a)

    Environmental considerations based on carrying capacity assessment and environmental impact appraisal of the expected tourism and housing development pressure;

  • b)

    Physical – land-use plan, including spatial structure and organisation, to designate and clearly delineate built-up areas for tourism accommodation, public and recreational facilities, residential development from the most sensitive segments of the beach and green dunes area, which should be protected;


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