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  • c)

    Development guidelines relevant to the type and capacity of tourism and residential, public, recreational, commercial and infrastructures construction in a fragile dunes environment;

  • d)

    Transportation network including roads, pedestrian and parking areas network, and boat landing facilities;

  • e)

    Infrastructure network including water supply, liquid and solid waste treatment and disposal; and

  • f)

    Implementation framework including institutional framework and strengthening, capacity building and funding.

1.2.4 Outputs and Reporting The main outputs of the EAF - II in Mozambique are as follows:

  • 1.

    Integrated Development Plan for Xai-Xai to Chongoene Beach Area comprising the following components:

    • Tourism development concept;

    • Physical Plan;

    • Infrastructure preliminary projects; and

    • Implementation framework.

  • 2.

    Demonstration project - Praia Velha Area Detailed Plan;

  • 3.

    Bankable projects; and

  • 4.

    Support and training provided to national authorities and experts, and work organisation.

The aims of the EAF/5 - II, are, among others, to serve as an efficient implementation instrument in providing sustainable development of the Xai-Xai Beach coastal area and to present the method, planning and implementation process applied in this pilot project to the broader audience in Mozambique and East African Region. In order to achieve these aims, the final project outputs are presented in the following reports:


Physical Plan and Infrastructure Preliminary Projects, a limited number of copies in Portuguese with basic maps in the scale 1:5,000 - poster format, to be used as the official implementation document by Xai - Xai authorities;


Praia Velha Detailed Plan, a limited number of copies in Portuguese with basic maps in the scale 1:2,000 – poster format, to be used as the official implementation document by Xai - Xai authorities; and


Integrated Development Plan, comprising all elaborated outputs presented in a synthesised form as a separate Portuguese and English edition (each in 200 copies), to be disseminated as pilot project in Xai-Xai and other coastal districts of Mozambique and East African Region.

1.3 Topographic Maps Elaboration

During the preparation of the Xai-Xai ICAM Strategy, a need was recognised to elaborate topographic maps in a more detailed scale. Namely, the available topographic maps elaborated in the scale 1:5,000 in the colonial period covered only a part of the Xai-Xai Beach settlement. Even more, changes occurred during the last ten years of the colonial period were not registered either in those maps.

Since the above maps were a prerequisite for the preparation of any physical development plan, the activities were undertaken to prepare the new topographic maps in the scale 1:5,000 for the Xai-Xai Beach area, which the ICAM Strategy had foreseen for an intensive tourism development (see Map 1). That area covered the coast in the length of about 10 km and about


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