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2.1 Objectives and Approach

The ICAM Strategy compiled for the Xai-Xai district coastal area as a pilot site in Mozambique pointed to tourism as the obvious catalyst to drive all further development in the area. This chapter addresses the tourism-related issues of the IDP.

The purpose of this chapter is to define a Tourism Development Framework, which will lay the foundation for the environmentally sound and sustainable development of the coastal area stretching from Xai-Xai Beach to Chongoene, as follows:

Tourism is an interpretative, enlightening, participatory travel experience to environments, both natural and cultural, that ensures the sustainable use at an appropriate level of environmental resources, and whilst producing viable economic opportunities for the tourism industry and host communities makes the conservation of these resources beneficial to all tourism role players.

This implies that such a framework will have to effectively address the needs and expectations of all roll players in the tourism triangle, i.e. the tourist, the host community and the tourism industry.

Recommendations made are based on an assessment of both of the demand and supply aspects defining the tourism potential of Xai-Xai Beach. In order to properly understand the demand for tourism products that Xai-Xai has the potential of offering, i.e. beach related tourism, the demand assessment included not only a statistical analysis, but also an analysis of institutional and other initiatives which are expected to impact on Xai-Xai.

The supply assessment included a tourism resource inventory aimed at identifying all the tourism resources, which Xai-Xai Beach and environs has to offer. Identifying all natural, structural and institutional factors, which may have a limiting effect on the area’s tourism attraction, then provided perspective on these resources.

Finally, the Tourism Development Framework is structured, recommending a sustainable and inclusive way to develop Xai-Xai Beach’s resources in such a manner as to satisfy the needs of the tourist, the host community and the tourism industry.

2.2 Demand Assessment

Detailed statistics on tourism in Mozambique were not available, figures sourced from South Africa and the Draft Strategic Planning Framework for Regional Tourism Development compiled by DINATUR for the Mozambican Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism were, therefore, used as basis. These figures were evaluated in order to assess the tourism potential of the Xai-Xai coastal area, from a demand perspective. In addition, growth strategies and development initiatives, which may impact on the tourism flow to the Xai-Xai area, were identified and their impact potential qualified.

2.2.1 Statistical Overview

Tourism growth in Africa in recent years and forecasts for the beginning of next century shows higher percentage than in the rest of the world. In numbers, WTO forecasts 24.3 million tourist


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