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supply assistance at this level. This company is primarily a facilitating entity in support of the different elements of the Maputo Development Corridor and is financed by entities such as the World Bank.

The envisaged activities of the Maputo Development Corridor will include:

  • Supporting the implementation of key infrastructure projects (road, rail, port, water, energy, etc.);

  • Supporting the implementation of key investment projects;

  • Information gathering and dissemination on investment opportunities and the investment environment;

  • The mobilisation of investment through project preparation and marketing;

  • Instituting a capacity building and policy research programme, based on actual projects; and

  • Instituting a system to track progress in the Maputo Development Corridor.

All of these activities will be conducted through existing institutions in the Mpumalanga and Northern Provinces, and in Mozambique. The Maputo Corridor Company will facilitate an increasing convergence between the two, to both demonstrate and contribute to Regional Economic Interaction.

An aspect deserving attention due to its potential in terms of stimulating tourism development along the coastal areas north of Maputo, is the upgrading of the road link directly from Moamba to the EN1. By doing this, tourists travelling by road from South Africa to Xai-Xai and other northern destinations will be saved ±100km of travelling. This would bring Xai-Xai to within 731km of Johannesburg thus putting Xai-Xai in much more favourable position to compete with successful resort developments along the Kwazulu-Natal coast for a share of the South African domestic resort tourism market.

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      Supply - Resource Assessment

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The visitors to Mozambique prior to its independence were mostly regional tourists from South Africa, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries attracted mainly by the endless, sparsely inhabited Indian Ocean coastline. Mozambique’s ±2 700km coastline used to offer abundant wildlife, affordable accommodation and good Portuguese cuisine.

Another attraction to Mozambique was its large numbers of big game, which attracted a large contingent of international big game hunters. Due to the depletion of wildlife numbers during the years of civil conflict, Mozambique will, however, not be able to re-enter the game viewing or hunting markets without prolonged and concerted re-stocking efforts in the game areas of the country. Mozambique’s rich heritage and interesting blend of peoples and cultures provide for an interesting backdrop to its diverse natural attractions. But, along with the game viewing/hunting attractions, culture will remain a secondary attraction to the Mozambican coastline for the foreseeable future.

The focus of the Mozambican onslaught on the regional and international tourism market in the short to medium term will have to be on beach and resort tourism, as this an area where Mozambique commands a competitive edge thanks to the very high quality of its beaches and the abundance of its marine life.

2.4.2 Xai-Xai Beach Natural resources

Xai-Xai Beach’s tourism potential is primarily based upon its natural resources and more specifically its pristine and tourist friendly beaches, combined with its mild climate. Other natural resources are:


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