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their own electricity. In order to create and enabling environment for developers, a simple and reliable scheme needs to be devised through which the corporate supply of basic amenities is facilitated.


The three restaurants currently operating in Xai-Xai Beach are addressing the current demand adequately. However, once the expected tourism growth in the area begins to realise, this service will have to be extended and the need for more up-market facilities addressed.

Banking facilities

No banking facilities are available in the town of Xai-Xai Beach, but in Xai-Xai modern banking facilities are available, which will be adequate to serve the short- to medium-term needs of visitors. Planning should, however, include the introduction of banking services to Xai-Xai Beach in the medium term.

Garage services and fuel

Modern petroleum companies such as British Petroleum are represented in the town of Xai-Xai, being only ten kilometres from Xai-Xai Beach. This arrangement should suffice in supplying in the motoring related needs of visitors to Xai-Xai Beach.

Telephone links

A post and public telephone service is available in Xai-Xai Beach. Though cumbersome the service is fairly effective and reliable. It is, however, doubtful that the current two devices would be able to serve in the telecommunication need of Xai-Xai Beach in a tourism season.

Additional infrastructure in the form of public phones need to be installed as matter of urgency. The planned installation of a cell phone tower within this year would, however, go a long way in addressing the need for reliable telecommunication service in Xai-Xai.

Medical facilities and services

There is a hospital in the town of Xai-Xai that according to anecdotal information would serve in the basic needs of visitors to Xai-Xai Beach as most medical crises. Attention should, however, be given to this aspect to alleviate all the medical related insecurities of visitors. The introduction of a visible modern medical clinic in Xai-Xai Beach serving both the local community and the visitors, would go a long way in addressing the medical insecurities of tourists and visibly illustrate the benefits of tourism development to the local community.

Shopping facilities and commodities

Due to a lingering perception, among specifically South African visitors, that well known commodity brands as well as hygienic food stuffs are scarce in Mozambique, most visitors buy virtually all their food in South Africa. This results in a huge loss of potential income to the host economy, in this case Xai-Xai Beach. A practical solution to this problem might lie in attracting a franchise, known to South Africans, to open a facility in Xai-Xai Beach. Once again such a facility will realise benefits to both the local communities and the visitor.

2.4.3 Limiting Factors

According to accounts from Xai-Xai Beach residents, tourism numbers in the town showed a market increase in 1994, after successful democratic elections in South Africa and the restoration of relations with this industrious neighbour. This trend apparently continued until approximately 1996, when it turned around into negative growth. Though no empirical support for this observation could be found, the general negativity perceived among locals and officials alike concerning tourism’s ability to deliver seems to confirm this trend. The following are some obvious and some not-so-obvious factors which might be deterring visitors to return with their friends and families.


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