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however, go hand in hand with consistency in terms of the delivery of quality tourism products in order for it to have a lasting effect.

Xai-Xai tourism association

A tourism representing concession holders and property owners in Xai-Xai Beach should be formed. All property owners and concession holders should be encouraged to take up m e m b e r s h i p o f s u c h a n a s s o c i a t i o n . S u c h a n a s s o c i a t i o n w o u l d s e r v e m u l t i p l e p u r p o s e s , s u c h


  • Being a formal channel of communication between government and concession


  • Performing a lobbying function on behalf of its members;

  • Acting as a corporate marketing agency for Xai-Xai and destinations; and

  • Facilitating local community involvement in the development of the area, etc.

The merit of such an association may be entrenched by local government by initiating communication sessions with the form on a structured basis.

Promotion campaign

The competitive advantage created for Xai-Xai through the IDP should be capitalised on by making potential investors aware of the initiative. Through the drafting and acceptance of the IDP, a greater measure of security of investments is attained when compared to other developing resort areas in Mozambique. In addition to the final report, a marketing brochure supplying detail on the IDP’s recommendation and highlighting the development potential of the area could therefore be published for the benefit of potential investors. Such a brochure - with slight adaptations, may also serve the purpose of marketing Xai-Xai Beach to tourists.

In this manner, the approval of the IDP could serve as the spearhead of a multi-media marketing drive aimed at restoring Xai-Xai Beach to its former glory as one of Mozambique’s preferred resort destinations.

Quality camping

In the development phases of Xai-Xai Beach, camping is bound to play an increasingly important role. Gone are the days when campers were all budget sun-seekers – today’s camping market boasts a strong contingent of wealthy adventure-minded travellers. Campers should therefore not be regarded as a tourism phenomenon which simply has to be tolerated, but should rather be treated as a marketing opportunity to potential long-term investors. Many of the eventual property owners in Xai-Xai Beach would come as campers wanting to first investigate opportunities before committing themselves to long-term investments.

Due to the prime value of the existing camp site land it is expected that in the future it will be transformed into more profitable use-activity (i.e., marine centre, hotels). It is, therefore, recommended that the new camping sites should be developed within the Xai-Xai Beach to Chongoene being in close proximity to the beach and marine oriented activities, such as in Praia do Alho location, or along the dune slopes but with well lateral communications to the beach.

Adventure options / Marine activity centres

With Xai-Xai Beach having an established resort town context and marine oriented sport and leisure activities to be further improved and diversified, it would be advisable to develop the Praia do Alho area along the lines of an marine activity-based centre. Activities to be hosted from here could include:

  • Scuba diving;

  • Snorkelling;

  • Sport fishing; and

  • Surfing and wind surfing, etc.


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