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not submit their plans to the tourism authority and no effective mechanism has been put in place to ensure that actual development follows submitted plans.

3.2.3 Existing Concessions

Various concessions have been issued throughout the whole 10km strip along the coast (see Map 2). The Local Authority shares the responsibility for issuing concessions with the Provincial Ministry concerned with tourism. There is no single document that can give accurate information with regards to concessions. During the three working sessions in Xai-Xai, various contradicting documents were scrutinised. There is much confusion with regards to the concession areas and the concession holders. Not all concession holders are known and many cannot be contacted. Little development has taken place because of confusion over the process that should be followed during development. It is also impossible to determine the exact locality of the concessions as there are no co-ordinates for the sites and they are only roughly indicated on a 1:50 000 map. Furthermore, the beacons set out on the land do not match the plan.

Praia Velha

The issued concessions are based on a layout plan drafted by an unknown source. The plan (see Annex 3.) takes the form of a diagram that is not drawn to scale, does not contain any co- ordinates and does not consider the existing topography. The basic scheme takes the form of two residential blocks with straight streets set at rigid perpendicular angles. The blocks were divided into lots of 1000m² with dimensions of 20mx50m. It is impossible to implement this layout both from a legal and a practical point of view. Firstly, it is impossible to give an accurate description of a lot and thus register it and secondly, it is impossible to construct the roads because of the steep undulating topography. Even if the roads could be constructed, some lots would not be able to get access because of the steepness of some slopes.

The layout also poses severe environmental problems: firstly the existing road next to the ocean is exposed and leads to the destruction of the sensitive dune area. In some areas this road has been so eroded that it is impassable. The proposed roads, will not only be difficult to construct but also expensive to maintain, especially with regards to storm water runoff and will also lead to severe erosion.

In spite of these limitations, the local surveyors embarked on the marking of lots, starting from a certain point on the ground and then just adding lots incrementally according to their placing in the diagram but without a clear layout plan showing the relations of all the lots and their co- ordinates. The main guiding principle with the demarcation was the dimension and size of lots. Due to the inadequate registration of issued concessions and staff replacements within the responsible Municipal department, it was difficult to inventorise all issued concessions. As far as could be determined, approximately 120 concessions have been issued in this area. Two of these properties have been developed4. No services have been installed but the owners of plots are constructing rudimentary roads.

Between Xai-Xai Beach and Praia do Chongoene

In the area between Xai-Xai Beach and Praia de Chongoene various plots ranging from 2,5ha to 22ha have been issued. Two developments have taken place and one is in the process of construction.

Various concessions have been issued without due regard to the characteristics and sensitivity of the physical environment. The shape of stands is not ideal. Some lots are 50mx500m, which make them out of use (see Annex 4.). Further problems are:

  • Some concessions overlap;

  • Some people are building within the 100m building restriction area (shore protection



One existing house occupies 2 lots of approximately 1000m² each, while another site that is currently being developed occupies 3 lots.


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