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rehabilitated, whereas eroded areas with moderate slopes should be developed as a measure to control the erosion.

Slope analysis The following slopes were identified (see Map 4):

  • Steeper than 25%;

  • Between 25% and 10%;

  • Between 10% and 5%; and

  • Less than 5%.

The moderate slopes are seen as more suitable for development. Slopes steeper than 25% should not be developed.

From the analysis it became clear that the steepness of the slopes is one of the most restrictive aspects of the physical environment as the landscape is undulating with the steepest slopes next to the coast. There are few flatfish areas suitable for intense development next to the coast. This is problematic, as this is the area where there is most pressure for development. Some of the suitable areas next to the coast are taken up by land uses that do not exploit the value of this scarce resource, such as the existing camping site and Som du Mar development.

Height analysis The following height zones were identified (see Map 5):

  • Higher than 60m;

  • Between 60m and 40m;

  • Between 40m and 20m; and

  • Lower than 20m.

Areas higher than 60m should not be developed but retained in their natural state so as to create the visual impression of a natural backdrop. Areas between 40 and 60m can be developed at a low intensity and in a manner that blends in with the natural environment. Other areas can be developed at a higher intensity. Low laying areas could pose problems for development because of the lack of a seaview. From the analysis it is clear that the developable land forms a band of approximately 400m inland.

Seaward valleys

Seaward valleys have been identified as suitable for development as this offers a magnificent view of the sea. This should of course be evaluated in conjunction with the height analysis. Areas, which do not offer a view of the sea, can be used for services and the housing of the local population, because of the lower commercial value of this land. The fragmented and unpredictable slopes limit the areas with a view of the sea.

Lagoon areas

Areas abutting the two protected lagoons are seen as suitable for intensive tourism development as the lagoons offer safe swimming conditions. There are two lagoon areas: at Xai-Xai Beach and at Praia do Alho.

3.3.2 Land Suitable for Development

Through the analysis of the physical environment certain areas could be identified which are suitable for different types of development (Table 6):


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