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Development Cell: T4

Front Segment: T4-1 - 50/500 Concessions

Pedestrian Network

vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The main service road is at the back linked with the back set road. There are two road linkages from the back to the coastal road. These roads were designed within accepted development restrictions such as slope. During the first phase access can be gained from the front road. This will later be replaced with access from the back road. Each unit has access from one of the lateral service roads. Preferable entry points to sites are indicated on the map. The aim is to take access points off the main roads. Access to developable land and suitable service areas has been taken into account.

The lateral roads offer an alternative entrance to the Oasis development, which would be more functional than the current access point. The Oasis development currently gets access only from the coastal road. This has resulted in an impractical design with parking areas next to this road and long and steep distances that have to be made on foot by both visitors and deliveries.

Pedestrian routes should be developed next to all roads. Pedestrian access can be gained not only through the two service roads but also two lateral pedestrian access routes, which are spaced 300m apart. These link the backset areas with the beach. These increase accessibility for pedestrians but limit vehicular movement. This is important to ensure the protection of the environment. The pedestrian routes should be extended over the promenade to the beach. No pedestrian access should be allowed except at designated areas.

Although some public parking facilities will be provided on the coastal road, parking should be secured on site.


Development Guidelines

The density and intensity of development should decrease with increased distance from the beachfront. The first row of development abutting the promenade is of great visual importance and should be of high quality. It should be developed in such a way as to define the boundary of the promenade. Behind this a more fragmented development structure should be implemented.


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