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  • Public areas should be planted with mostly indigenous species and if other plants are used, it should be in a way which is sensitive towards the indigenous species. Plants with a low maintenance should be used so as not to waste precious public funds. These areas should serve as an example for the planting of private lots.

Compliance with development controls

The local authority is obliged to evaluate development and take adequate steps to enforce previously imposed requirements and building codes. They should make sure that one developer must respect the rights of other developers and not infringe on the value of their property.

3.9.4 Implementation Framework with Regard to Concessions Existing concessions

All concessions where construction has not started should be re-evaluated. Concessionaires who did not start development in their sites should be forced to submit financial plans, development proposal and time schedules for development by a certain date. If this is not done, their concession should be loosed and re-allocated through the same process as new concession. The submissions should be evaluated as to financial capacity to develop the land, suitability of proposal and reasonable time frame. Should the proposal not be sufficient the concessionaire will have to resubmit. The development of sites should be monitored with regards to compliance with proposals and time schedule. Should a concessionaire not develop within the given time frame, concession would be loosed.

It is the responsibility of the local authorities to reassess the given concessions, establish appropriate circumstances for construction and, if developers are not able to satisfy requirements within a reasonable timeframe, to reassign the concessions to other developers.

New concessions

The process of consigning new concessions should be done through public meetings and advertisements and should be based on clearly defined requirements and budget estimates. Most favourable bidders will receive a concession. The value of the land, as well as a contribution for infrastructure development should be added to the price of the concessions, that is the price for a concession should be market related.

Until now, concessions were given without specific requirements regarding funding or development of particular infrastructure. In future developers would have to construct infrastructure and contribute to waste, roads, water and electricity. This is necessary as the services are to the advantage of the developers. With regards to bulk service networks and facilities and contribution to the capital investment, this funding and implementation should be facilitated by government, semi-government or a private agency.

The local authority should provide individual developers with adequate infrastructure projects, cost estimates and their share in funding infrastructure. They are also obliged to adequately organise development of infrastructure and guarantee its development within a given time and budgetary framework.

3.9.5 The Way Forward

The next steps regarding the physical planning and design should be addressed primarily as follows:

  • Upgrade Land use and action plan of the Xai-Xai Beach core area, development cells T2 and P2;

  • Design the projects for upgrading the existing and new segments of Promenade, in particular Cells P2 to P5;

  • Develop the projects for main centres at Xai-Xai Beach and Praia do Alho;

  • Develop the Detailed plan for the upgrading of Macamwine and Chinguine villages including new development zones;


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