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with the regional distributor road. Direct access from this road should be limited to a few large developments.

(III) Collector roads

These roads are shown as links between the regional distributor road and the traffic circles as focus of each of the developable areas. From these circles they encompass the developable areas, some linking with the coastal road where possible. In the existing Xai-Xai Beach, collector roads run from the big circle toward Praia Velha to the west. Access can be provided from the collector road, but due care must be exercised with respect to sight distances.

(IV) Local roads

Local roads to give access to each concession or lot were not shown for the developable areas in the framework plan. This will depend on the shape and format of the concessions and must be done at detail design stage. The local roads for Praia Velha area are elaborated indicated as part of Praia Velha Detailed Plan serving as a Demonstration Project.

4.2.3 Rehabilitation of Existing Roads

The rehabilitation of the existing circle road in Xai-Xai Beach requires urgent attention as a major slip is developing in the coastal section due to blocked and broken drainage. Drainage in general need attention as many drains are blocked or insufficient. Shoulder (edge) break is common on the sealed roads. The bitumen seal at the entrance is breaking up, especially on the inside, which was added later. The local gravel roads in the residential area and the road towards Halley’s Hotel must be re-gravelled, shaped and maintained to serviceable standards.

The parking area in front of Halley’s Hotel should be levelled and paved to avoid standing water. This can be done in phases, focusing on the immediate needs, seasonal needs and then long- term needs. A clear distinction must be drawn between the through movement, circulation and parking. This rehabilitation action should be undertaken on the basis of urban design project which should also propose sites for other needed activities in the area, such as bus and taxi stop, information agency, park surfaces, etc.

4.2.4 Public Transport Facilities and Services

The regional bus service stops at Halley’s Hotel. Proper facilities for the bus, such as parking bays, shelters, benches and ablutions are needed.

The local public transport stops at the circle at the entrance to Xai-Xai Beach. Provision should be made for stopping bays, as the gravel shoulders are damaged where vehicles pull off. Shelters and ablutions are needed.

The need for public transport services and mechanism to supply these services must be investigated further. At present, the entrepreneurial spirit of the local community, in the form of converted goods vehicles, serves the local needs at an acceptable level of service. This approach is sustainable, though traffic safety is compromised. If the Praia Xai-Xai area develops in future, the local community should benefit from the employment opportunities. The employment should be within walking distance from local residential areas.

In the mature phase of resort development a non-polluting vehicle for public transport should be investigated targeting tourist and residential population along the 8 to 10 kilometres length Promenade.

4.2.5 Roads Layouts per Development Cells Cell T1: Praia Velha

The previously awarded concessions and the topography of the area between Wenela House and the existing Xai-Xai Beach dictated the road layout in this cell. Local roads serve the residential area. The first road leads from the bigger circle in Xai-Xai Beach and is terminated towards the east to discourage through traffic. The second road serves lots to the rear and links to a collector road that follows the existing road to Wenela House. A short section of road


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