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We have, therefore, selected reservoir sites at level 88m to serve Chongoene and its surroundings, as well as to feed back towards Xai-Xai to interconnect with this system set at the same level. We have also identified three well sites to supply Chongoene reservoirs as discussed under item 3.4 Future Well Reservoirs and Extensions.

5.1.5 Summary In conclusion:

  • The existing water supply system is uncertain and needs replacement. This water supply is subject to potential pollution at source, as well as through leaking pipes.

  • The storage reservoir is too small and in a poor state of repair.

  • A new system is required and any work done in the future should allow for higher future pressures from reservoirs with a common top water level of 88m.

  • A phased construction programme can be put in place to suit the projected future demand for water.

  • It is emphasised that no future development can safely proceed at Xai-Xai without a new water supply system.

  • First priority is to build a new reservoir of 1 Ml capacity at the correct selected Top Water Level (TWL) 88 metres on the selected site north of Xai-Xai. At the same time, the first of a series of three of four wells must be constructed and equipped north of the reservoir and a pumping main laid to the reservoir. At the reservoir the water supply should be chlorinated as protection against contamination. Also a truck supply main must be constructed from the new reservoir to the town.

  • Because the pressure is too high for the existing reticulation the trunk main should feed into the existing old reservoir which should be converted into a break pressure tank by installing a float control valve.

  • This will ensure a relatively secure water supply system to the town and local inadequacies in the distribution system (reticulation) can be attended to on an ad hoc basis until the time comes for it to be extended with new high pressure pipes, as development demands. As an example the new development of 100 stands at Praia Velha should be supplied through a separate system of high pressure piped connected directly to the reservoir trunk main at full pressure from the new reservoir at TWL 88m.


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