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- Aparigraha – Non-hoarding, non possessiveness

            II. Niyama  - Self discipline.

              - Shaucha – Purity/cleanliness.

              -  Santosha – Contentment.

              - Tapa – Austerity.

              - Svadhyaya – Self study

  - Ishwara Pranidhana –Surrender to God.

III. Asana – Posture, position

Sthira Sukham Aasanam  ||– Steady stable and comfortable state of the body

IV. Pranayama – Breath Control/ Control of the prana or vital energy, life force.

V. Pratyahara – sense withdrawal.

VI. Dharana – Concentration.

VII. Dhyana – Meditation.

VIII. Samadhi – The union of individual consciousness and universal consciousness, self realization, salvation, nirvana

- Prana – Vital energy or life energy, on physical level Bio energy

- Nadi – psychic passage of pranic energy,

- Ida Nadi – Moon Nadi / left nostril / moon principle controlling mental energy.

- Pingala Nadi – Sun Nadi / right nostril / sun principle controlling pranic energy.

- Sushumna Nadi – Energy passage carrying kundalini energy along spinal column.

- Kundalini – Pranic Energy in 3 & ½ coiled form lying dormant at the root of spine.

- Chakra – Whirlpool of pranic energy or Vortex of pranic energy

- Mooladhar Chakra – (Root Support) Root charka located in the perineum region

  sacral plexus, related to perineal body.

- Swadhisthan Chakra – (center of self) 2nd charka located at the tail bone or coccyx or  

  pelvic plexus, related to testes or overies.

- Manipura Chakra –(Jewel city) 3rd charka located at Solar plexus, related to adrenal


- Anahata Chakra – (Unbeaten Sound) Chakra located at cardiac plexus, related to

  thymus glands.

- Vishuddha Chakra – (purification center) Charka located at laryngeal plexus, related

  to thyroid glands.

- Ajna Chakra – (Command Center) charka located at cavernous plexus, related to

  pineal gland.

- Sahasrara Chakra – (Seat of Infinite) located along hypothalamic – pituitary axis,    

  related to pituitary gland.

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