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be in effect for such camps and clinics; and (4) No school-sponsored clinics or camps may be held.


          Allowable Summer Activities. During the summer a member school may organize the following:


          Summertime School-Sponsored Camps/Clinics: A school may organize a camp or clinic in any sport from the Tuesday following Memorial Day through July 31. The camp shall be limited to no more than ten days over a period of 21 consecutive calendar days starting with the first date of the camp/clinic.

          • a.

            Summertime school-sponsored camps/clinics include planned physical activities that are instructional and competitive in nature where actual games can be played or simulated by camp attendees.

          • b.

            Summertime school-sponsored camps/clinics shall be voluntary and open to all interested students from grades 9-12.

          • c.

            The use of school facilities and equipment is permitted in accordance with local school board policy.

          • d.

            If a summertime school-sponsored camp/clinic is held in football, contact shall be allowed with the use of hand held dummies only. The no-contact rule shall prohibit contact with mechanical or training devices, as well as with other players. The use of blocking sleds and other mechanical devices is prohibited. The no-contact rule does not preclude incidental or inadvertent contact, or the touching of a ball carrier with the hand(s). The only pieces of general football equipment shall be footballs, shoes, helmets, kicking tees and hand held blocking dummies.


          Summertime Conditioning Program. A member school may organize and supervise a summer conditioning program to include weight lifting, running, and exercising for its members in accordance with the following provision:

          • a.

            Such a conditioning program shall be general in nature and may include only exercises designed to promote physical fitness.

          • b.

            Sport specific drills are not allowed, and sport specific equipment may not be used.

          • c.

            Conditioning sessions shall be no longer than 60 minutes in length, and no member shall participate in more than one such session per day.

APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR Conditioning sessions organized and run by members of the school’s coaching staff are subject the 60-minute limitation. Students, for example, who work out on their own at the school facility in weight lifting, general calisthenics, running,


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