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and shall have been available to participate in at least eighty percent (80%) of the school’s scheduled interschool contests and not have missed more than twenty percent (20%) of the school’s scheduled contests because of participating in non- high school competition

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    The term “available to participate” means that the student was a bona fide member of the team, eligible to participate for the school at some level of competition in the sport, and not involved in outside participation activities (exception: Olympic Development Program or national team activities as approved by the NSAA.)

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    The term, “school’s scheduled interschool contests,” is defined as those contests which appear on the school’s varsity schedule at the beginning of the season. An exception to this requirement will be considered if a student was unable to participate because of injury, illness, or had transferred from another high school.

During the season of a particular sport, athletes participating in that sport for a high school may attend, but may not physically take part, either as an individual or as a member of a team, in the sport activity in which instruction is being offered in the clinic, camp, or school.

At no time during the high school sport season can a student who is a member of the school squad in that sport compete in non-school organized competition in any skill of the sport. A person maybe considered to be a participant without being an official entry in the competition.

The phrase “compete in non-school organized competition in any skill of the sport” is interpreted to mean to take part in any skill of the sport of season. For example, a student out for cross country or track would become ineligible to represent the high school if he/she participates in a road race or a marathon. A student on the high school basketball team would become ineligible if he/she participates in a free throw contest, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 basketball contest, or other similar contest. A student out for high school football will become ineligible if he competes in a punt, pass and kick contest. A wrestler shall not participate in a non-school takedown tournament during the wrestling season.

The exception to this rule would be for activities that are school-sponsored such as half-time basketball shooting or volleyball serving contests, parent-child golf outings at the local course, or fun runs/walks in support of a designated charity. Schools may call the Executive Director if there are questions about whether an activity would qualify under this exception.


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