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year football classifications; Except for schools playing 8-man football, which would utilize NDE student counts used every year. (Using the preceding September’s three- grade count.)

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      Schools playing football and having a three-grade enrollment in excess of 83 are required to play 11-man football in order to be eligible for the State Football Playoffs. If such schools choose to play 8-man football, they will not be eligible for the State Football Playoffs unless that school meets the three-grade NDE enrollment count of 83 or fewer in any one of the two consecutive years.

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      Schools playing 8-man football that are ineligible for the State Football Playoffs due to having enrollments in excess of 83, unless they are within their one-classification waiver period, shall also be ineligible for competing for the District Championship.

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      Schools playing football with an enrollment of 83 or fewer may play 11-man football.

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      The Class D schools electing to play 8-man football will be divided according to enrollment into two classes, D1 and D2, with an approximate equal number of schools in each class.

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      If during the immediate preceding classification period a school’s three-grade enrollment submitted to the Nebraska Department of Education was 83 or less and if that school has been playing 8-man football, such school may remain eligible for 8- man football for one more classification period, even though its new three-grade enrollment exceeds 83.

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    Schools in Class C1, C2, D1, and D2 may form cooperatives in football according to the same stipulations adopted for all other activities. Cooperatives will play the level of classification as based on the enrollment figures established by the NSAA. FOOTBALL SCHEDULES

The NSAA will schedule all football (games) on a two-year basis (2014 and 2015). Should vacancies occur within a school’s regular season schedule, the NSAA cannot be responsible for assuring that replacement games are scheduled. In case of such vacancies, the NSAA will work with member schools prior to any replacement scheduling. If a member school indicates interest in filling the vacancy and an opponent is found, the school will be required to play the game. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, more stringent penalties may be assessed if a school fails to honor the assigned contests. The Board of Directors may impose, but not be limited to, one or more of the penalties outlined in Bylaws 2.11.1 through


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