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  • Game time of afternoon games will be 1:30 P.M., unless teams mutually agree to a different time.

  • When two high schools located in the same city use the same facility for home football games, qualify for the football playoffs and are designated home teams on the same date, one school shall play in the afternoon and the other during the evening. The afternoon game shall not begin prior to 1:30 pm and the evening game shall not begin after 8:00 pm. These times may be adjusted for emergency situations. INCLEMENT WEATHER

  • Snowstorms or other inclement weather conditions may force the postponement of a State Playoff Football game.

  • In determining whether to postpone or to hold the contest(s) as scheduled, the Host Site Director should consider the following factors:

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      The weather and road conditions at the site of the contest.

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        Existing weather and road conditions at the location of the schools which are to compete that day.

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        Road conditions between the tournament site and the competing schools.

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        The weather conditions immediately prior to, during, and following the contest, as reported by the weather bureau.

  • If, after considering the various factors, the Host Site Director determines that competition is to go on as scheduled:

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        All schools shall be notified early enough to allow each team sufficient time to travel to the contest site.

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        Once the decision has been made to hold the event as scheduled and any team has begun to travel, the contest(s) shall be held.

  • If the Host Site Director feels a postponement is necessary:

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        He/she shall get permission from the NSAA Executive Director before postponing the day's activities.

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        Once the State Football Playoff game has been postponed, the Host Site Director shall be responsible for setting the new time, date, and site, if necessary, for the continuation of the State Football Playoffs.

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        The previously agreed upon schedule may have to be changed to allow the contest(s) to be completed by the required dates.

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        Neither State Football Playoff receipts nor funds from the NSAA are to be used to reimburse any school for additional expenses incurred because of a postponed State Football Playoff game. 48

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