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competition during the championship series of district and state tournaments/meets through Memorial Day or the end of the school year, whichever is later. For non-varsity competition, “school year, out-of-season” begins the day following the last date of interscholastic competition or the last date of the varsity season, whichever is later.

      • 3.2.2

        “School-Year, Out-of-Season” Participation. Except during the season of the sport involved, a student may be a member of a non-high school team and compete unattached in non-high school competition. Students are prohibited from wearing high school uniforms during non-high school sponsored competition.

      • 3.2.3

        Organized Practice. No organized practice in any sport shall be held during the “school-year, out-of-season” period. An organized practice shall be defined as follows:

        • a.

          Football and Soccer. An organized practice in 11-man football and soccer shall mean more than seven students under direct supervision of a sponsor. An organized practice in 8-man football and soccer shall mean more than five students under the direct supervision of a sponsor. If more than one group is practicing at the same time, it shall be called an organized practice. The only pieces of general equipment shall be footballs, shoes, helmets, kicking tees, and hand held dummies and there shall be no contact with mechanical training devices or blocking sleds or with another player.

3.2.8 Summer Activities. From the Tuesday following Memorial Day to July 31, a member school may not sponsor a team or individual, provide uniforms, individual player equipment (except football, baseball, and softball protective equipment for commercial camps), or otherwise be responsible for a student in summer competition. Attendance at summer activities shall be voluntary. No coach or school representative may directly or by implication direct a student to attend summer activities as a condition for membership on a high school team or restrict the level of team participation within the high school program.

APPROVED RULINGS AND INTERPRETATIONS FOR 3.2.8 Applicable to Coaches During The Summer. The school year out-of-season period begins on the date of the official start of fall practices. Summer activities are regulated between the Tuesday following Memorial Day and July 31. Between the end of the summer activities period and the start of the school year, out-of-season period (August 1 through the official start of fall practices), the following shall apply: (1) The organized practice rule shall be in effect; (2) Conditioning programs may be held; (3) Attendance at commercial camps and clinics is permissible, but the organized practice rules shall


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