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Regular Meeting

February 27, 2006

Deputy Mayor McGiff suggested that if approval were granted it should be subject to final site plan approval being received.

Upon a motion by Trustee Crean, seconded by Trustee Dean, and unanimously carried, the Board granted the request by Pulte Homes for an out of district sewer connection for the Workforce Housing Project, subject to final site plan approval.

Gail Hoag reviewed the Chamber of Commerce report.

Ms. Hoag indicated that the Ronan

Tynan concert held the past Saturday had been very successful.

She expressed appreciation for

all of the assistance provided by the Theatre’s volunteers.

Ms. Hoag also noted that Ronan

Tynan’s staff had expressed that they were very impressed by the sound and lighting technicians and system, the acoustics were phenomenal, the security was very good, and also that they were not used to getting everything that they had at this Theatre as opposed to many other venues they


Deputy Mayor McGiff noted that much of this was due to the work of Trustee Krieger,
















appreciation for all of their efforts.

Trustee Krieger thanked the Chamber for working to bring

Ronan Tynan to the Theatre and for their support throughout the year.

Deputy Mayor McGiff noted the Mr. Celauro had just arrived at the meeting and asked that the public hearing that had been tabled earlier be re-opened.

Upon a motion by Trustee Dean, seconded by Trustee Crean, and unanimously carried, the Board re-opened the public hearing to consider a request by Gasper C. Celauro, the property owner of 246 West Avenue, for relief of the Patchogue River moratorium for the purpose of expansion of dockage.

Gasper Celauro, 66 Medford Avenue, Patchogue, apologized for being late and thanked them for re-opening his hearing. He indicated that he was seeking permission to construct a commercial dock on the river at 246 West Avenue. Mr. Celauro indicated that he had supplied a copy of the existing survey for the Board which showed the docks, and also a survey which showed his property in relation to the other facilities on the river. He noted that the proposal was to construct a 150 ft. dock with an L-shaped turn of approximately 40 ft. which would allow for 10 boats with 10 ft. beams on the interior side and 4 boats on the exterior with 10 ft. beams. This number might vary depending upon the actual sizes of the boats to which the slips were leased.

Trustee Dean inquired if any renovation work would be done on the bulkhead. Mr. Celauro indicated that the permit he had applied for requested all new bulkheading as well as construction of the pier. He noted that a substantial amount of site work had already been done to the property in question. Trustee Dean inquired if he had a DEC permit in place. Mr. Celauro stated that he had applied for a permit and had met all of the Army Corps of Engineer requirements since some dredging would be necessary. All DEC requirements had also been met, and the DEC publication phase had occurred in December; however, the DEC waited 60 days from the final publication. The final day was today, and he had not heard any comment that the permit would not be approved.

Trustee Hilton inquired as to how far into the river the proposed dock would extend. Mr. Celauro stated that it would measure 150 ft. in length from the existing bulkheading and would be less in length from some others that were in existence.

Trustee Dean asked for confirmation that the dock would be nowhere near the channel. Mr. Celauro stated that this was correct. Trustee Dean then inquired as to the width of the dock. Mr. Celauro stated that it would be 6 ft. wide. He noted that there had been a dock there originally, but it had deteriorated over time and would need to be completely rebuilt. Trustee Dean inquired as to where parking for boat owners would be provided on the site. Mr. Celauro indicated that the point on the survey that stated “wooden fence” to “carport”, which was now removed, would be parking. This area measured approximately 175 ft. He also noted that the property was 380 ft. deep so there would be plenty of room to single car park on the south side.

Trustee Hilton asked for confirmation that there would be no sale of gas or oil on the site. Mr. Celauro indicated that this was correct. Only boat owners would be permitted on the site, and nothing would be sold there. Trustee Hilton inquired as to how many boats would be docked on

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