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Regular Meeting

February 27, 2006

the site. Mr. Celauro stated that between 12 and 15 boats would most likely be docked there depending on their size.

Trustee Crean inquired as to the ultimate intentions for the property. Mr. Celauro stated that he planned to complete the renovations and retain ownership of the property. There would be two rental houses on the site, that had been recently renovated, and the boat slips.

Trustee Hilton inquired if the driveway shown on the plan was split by the property line. Mr. Celauro indicated that the former owners had been driving across the adjacent property to access the site. He noted that he had purchased an additional 10 ft. of property to access the site without driving across someone else’s property. In addition, he had contracted with LIPA to move a pole that was located in the middle of the property to the end of the property. Mr. Celauro continued by noting that he felt the application was in accordance with the recommendations of the Waterfront Zoning Committee.

Deputy Mayor McGiff asked the Board if anyone from the public wished to comment on the public hearing. There was no response.

Trustee Dean indicated that this request was within the recommendations of the Maritime Center Plan and the Village adopted policies regarding the waterfront. However, since the site plans had only been submitted earlier in the day, he would recommend reserving decision on this matter until the next Board meeting with any comments being accepted until Friday, March 10, 2006.

Upon a motion by Trustee Dean, seconded by Trustee Crean, and unanimously carried, the Board reserved decision on this matter until the March 13, 2006 Board meeting with comments to be accepted from the public until March 10, 2006.

Deputy Mayor McGiff indicated that the Smithport Hotel and White House had been demolished this week. Most of the Board were present for the demolition. He noted that he and Trustee Dean had walked through the Smithport Hotel prior to its demolition and found that nothing in the building was salvageable. It was in horrible shape and unbelievable that people had been living in those conditions up until one month ago. Deputy Mayor McGiff felt that this was one piece in the forward march that the administration was attempting.

Trustee Crean noted that for generations the historic Four Corners had played an important role in the socio-economic condition of the Village. After 2 years of negotiations between Mr. Furman and approximately 7 different property managers to consider redevelopment of the Four Corners, he was proud to say that they were very close to a deal being finalized. The next step would be to consider a special use permit for Mr. Furman to develop a mixed use building with restaurant and retail use on the ground floor and a combination of hotel and guest rooms and for sale condominium units on upper floors. Trustee Crean noted that a number of meetings had been held and some conceptual renderings developed which would be shared with the public at this hearing. He thanked Mr. Furman for the economic sacrifices he had made over the past few years for the benefit of the Village and noted that he was excited about the potential that the redevelopment of this property represented.

Trustee Crean then asked the Board to set a public hearing.

Upon a motion by Trustee Crean, seconded by Trustee Krieger, and unanimously carried, the Board set a public hearing for March 7, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. to hear a request by Joel Furman, President of JM Furman Realty Corp. and Fur-Conksmith, Inc. for a special permit for property located at 1 West Main Street and 17 West Main Street for the development of a hotel.

Trustee Crean then indicated that he had been working with Ms. Hoag of the Chamber over the past several weeks with regard to a $50,000 grant that the County had made available to beautify the downtown area. Several ideas had been presented to the County, and the Village should hear back from them within the next couple of weeks. Some of the ideas included extending lighting and aesthetic enhancements.

Trustee Crean indicated that the Village had received the rare opportunity to name four streets in the community within the new development, Copper Beach Homes, which would be located off

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