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Regular Meeting

February 27, 2006

admitted that there was a problem there. The other individual had indicated that he would return in a few days to take some water samples. However, he had not seen him come back since. Trustee Dean stated that he was going to return and make some elevations of the surrounding areas to determine whether there was enough pitch to get the water to the existing drainage located on Marvin Street. Another consideration was installing a recharge structure on the paper


He believed that a number of proposals were being considered,

regulations had to be Bailey Avenue which

met as well. In addition, the paper could create additional problems for

road was higher those residents.

and a number of than the yards on Mr. Wilson stated

that he understood visit the site since

what Trustee Dean was saying, that initial visit. Trustee Dean

but he stated

was that

concerned that he had seen no one he would double check to be sure

that this was made repairs he wanted to sure of what

still being worked on. Mr. Wilson noted that the neighboring house and he had to their homes. It had cost him $26,000. The other house was still pumping, and know if this would continue ad infinitum. Trustee Dean indicated that he was not could be done since the water table had risen so much since October. Discussion

ensued between Trustee Dean and Mr. Wilson. suggestions to be obtained from the engineers.

Mr. Wilson then inquired as to the timetable for Trustee Dean indicated that he did not have a

timetable since he was not sure of what type of challenge was being of this area. Mr. Wilson wanted to know if something could be done to that question would be available. Trustee Dean stated that he did would contact the engineer the next day.

presented by the condition or not and when an answer not have an answer, but he

Thomas Ryan, Robinson Avenue, indicated that he had met with Trustee Dean and the engineer, and the engineer had returned to state that there was a definite problem on this street. He was going to shoot the elevations, and he had requested a copy of those to determine what he needed to do. Mr. Ryan noted that all the water was groundwater. About two weeks ago, he had someone come to service his sump pump, and a half inch of water had accumulated in his basement after the pump was disconnected for only a few minutes. Mr. Ryan indicated that he had no choice but to continue pumping water from his sump until some solution was determined by the engineers. He was going to obtain an estimate this week to determine how much it would cost to fill in his basement with sand and concrete, and he had already obtained estimates on moving hi soil tank and piping.

Patti Kelly, 12 Dock Street, stated that she sympathized with both of these gentlemen since she lived near the water as well. Unfortunately, this was a bay side community and most of the homes were built on bog. Some areas had extremes that could not be controlled, and solutions sometimes came down to funding. They were not the only ones experiencing this type of problem in the community.

Mr. Wilson stated that his home was not built on a bog, and this type of flooding had never occurred prior to the tremendous rainstorm that had happened in October.

Upon a motion by Trustee Dean, seconded by Trustee Crean, and unanimously carried, the Board adjourned to Executive Session at 8:16 p.m. to discuss personnel issues.


Upon a motion by Trustee Hilton, seconded by Trustee Dean, and unanimously carried, the Board reconvened the regular meeting at 8:35 p.m.

There was no action taken following Executive Session.

Upon a motion by Trustee Dean, seconded by Trustee Crean, and unanimously carried, the Board adjourned the meeting at 8:40 p.m.

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