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Product Review

by Bones Evers, Consulting Editor, Highways Magazine

Protect All Cleaner, Polish, Wax & Treatment

Sensational UV blocker and carnauba wax does everything but apply itself.

Man’s natural instincts have evolved over the eons to a point where, while languages and customs are quite different, there is one thing that is universally dreaded by all of mankind

  • washing and waxing a car.

History shows that in order to improve our standards of living, we make our lives harder. Take recreational vehicles, for example. While the thought of washing and waxing a regular car scares most of us to death, the RV industry has compounded the problem by literally putting houses on wheels. Let’s face it, when was the last time you washed and waxed your house?

Sure there are those aberrant individuals in any society who claim they "enjoy" spending a perfectly good Sunday afternoon slaving over a vehicle instead of doing what comes naturally

  • goofing off. But when it comes to my motorhome, I would prefer having fun on the inside,

than working on the outside.

There is one great truth that we all must face, however and that is RVs need mainte- nance, including an occasional wash and wax.

When it comes to my motorhome maintenance I’ve always believed that I needed a variety of products to do the job right. I have a collection of various tins, tubes, bottles and jars of all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, exterior waxes, interior panel polishes and Naugahyde protectant.

I always thought that’s the way it had to be, and I’ve always had a "prove it" attitude about products that claim to do it all. It’s been one of the basic tenets of my philosophy that the more outrageous a product’s claims, the more disappointing the results.

For the product called "Protect All," the manufacturer’s claims are almost irrational. I wouldn’t have been such a skeptic if it said it would protect maybe fiberglass, vinyl, plastic and rubber like everything else. But with brazen disregard for convention, the package adds glass, chrome, stainless steel, wood and paint.

That did it. I decided nothing could do what Protect All claims to do and set about to prove it. I started with the dashboard, and as I expected, it worked well like other vinyl protectants, and brought out the luster. But what about all of the other claims?

Most vinyl protectant manufacturers caution against getting their products on glass and chrome, so I figured this would be my next test. Because my motorhome has aluminum bumpers, I decided to use the family Suburban, which has a chrome front end, to test Protect All’s claims.

I was impressed. After washing the vehicle, I applied Protect All conservatively to the chrome, wiped it off with a clean cloth and buffed it out with a dry rag. It looked great. While I was at it, I figured why not try it on the paint. After a little more than an hour’s work and some help from my kids, the entire Suburban, top- to-bottom, front-to-rear was done. It had never looked better. Even the windows sparkled.

But the real test of any vehicle polish isn’t how good it looks after you apply it, but how long it lasts. After one week, the rig still looked great, but had some dust on it. The clincher

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