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came at the car wash when the rig cleaned up and looked super with just a rinse. Water just beaded up and rolled off of the windows, paint and chrome, and squashed bugs rinsed right off of the glass. It was impressive to say the least.

With vinyl, chrome, paint, rubber and glass all passing the test, it was time to try it on fiberglass, stainless steel, wood and plastic.

What better rig to try it on than a fiberglass-skinned motorhome. The biggest problem with waxing my rig is the fiberglass finish has an orange-peel texture with a fair amount of relief. If you use a normal paste wax like I used to, such a surface is a pain. You can wipe off the wax all you want to with a rag, but you need a WaterPik or something to get the residue out of the cracks. Not so with Protect All.

After thoroughly washing the rig, I lightly applied Protect All to about a 3x4-foot area. After wiping it off with a clean towel, I then buffed it with a dry rag to a gloss. Because Protect All is a liquid, it’s easy to remove the remaining protectant from the cracks. The fiberglass and striping looked great, and because Protect All doesn’t require as much elbow grease as hard wax, it only requires a fraction of the time to buff.

Inside, Protect All worked great on paneling, appliances and countertops. What makes Protect All so unique is its ability to work well on virtually any surface. In addition to bringing out the shine in most surfaces, Protect All also has an Ultra Violet blocker that inhibits UV rays and prevents them from fading and oxidizing the surfaces.

According to Adam Huber, inventor of Protect All, once you initially treat a surface, all that’s required from then on is an occasional touch up to maintain the protective coating.

Talking to Huber is like talking to a man with a mission. He told me to try it on my drawer runners to free them up. I did, and it worked. We now keep a can in the house instead of three or four different polishes and cleaners.

Available in 13.5-ounce, ozone-safe aerosol cans or 16 oz. bottles or gallon containers, Protect All is one product that should be in (and on) everybody’s rig. So throw out all those other exotic formulations and make your life a little easier for a change. I have, and now I’m a one-can man.

Protect All, 1910 E. Via Burton St., Anaheim, CA 92806-1215, (800) 322-4491

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