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Edna LaBue Celebrates 90th

First Moonachie Church Member Edna LaBue celebrat- ed her 90th Birthday

There was a warm and won- derful gathering on November 21, 2009, at First Moonachie, as friends and family gathered to wish Edna LaBue a very happy 90th birthday. A light lunch was served and cake and balloons were featured. Mrs. LaBue grew up in Moonachie, and is the “longest member” of the Presbyterian Church. She remains active and involved in many activities. ###

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December 2009 THE GAZETTE - PAGE 23

Pharmacist Corner

Stress -- Not a Healthy

you’re sitting down.

Visitor By Linda E. Stumper, RPh

Stress--just the word raises your blood pressure a few points. Actually, stress does some pretty serious things to your body. It thickens your blood, which over an extended period of time, can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and possible heart attack.

Now, are some things re- ally worth getting stressed out about? Probably not, if you just step back and view the situa- tion from the “calmer side.”

Not next in line at the deli counter or caught at the red light again a block away from your house or did that car just take the parking space you’ve been eyeing since you pulled into the lot?

Really, are these situations worth getting stressed about? If you feel like your stress level is about to hit the ceiling, sit back and relieve your stress by tak- ing some deep breaths, about 2 or 3 (like the ones the doctor asks you to do when he/she is listening to your lungs).

Instantly, your body starts to repair itself by bringing more oxygen to your red blood cells, and this in turn is getting more oxygen to your brain resulting in a more relaxed feeling.

Be careful the first few times you practice this since you may become light headed or slightly dizzy. So make sure

Bergen County SHIP Helps Seniors with Medicare Drug Plans

Open enrollment period for 2010 Medicare Part D prescrip- tion drug plans and Medicare Advantage Plans (with an Rx drug component) begins on No- vember 15th through December 31, 2009 for coverage to begin on January 1, 2010.

All 2010 plans are available for viewing and comparison purposes on www.medicare. gov. A SHIP counselor can help you find the best Rx plan suited to your individual needs. SHIP can do the comparison for you- sorting through the 47 avail- able plans, to narrow down the choices to the three best plans that meet your needs.

Call SHIP at 201-336-7413 and we will mail you a work- sheet with return instructions (one worksheet per person; be sure to mention if you will need more than one). ###

December Birthstone Turquoise

Stress also can cause head- aches, forgetfulness, back pain, chest pain, stomach upset, sleep disturbances, and even de- creased immunity. Your body does not need stress! You have the flu to worry about!

But seriously, it can affect your life at home, work, and even when you’re supposed to be relaxing on vacation.

Stress can be relieved by taking a moment out of the day and realizing the importance of that day. Other ways of re- ducing stress would be yoga, meditation, walking, relaxing stretch exercises and tai chi.

With the upcoming holi- days, stress is an un-welcome guest. The simple task of food shopping is now a full scale war, but it doesn’t have to be.

Try planning your tasks over the next few weeks using a small notebook, perhaps a day by day scenario of what you wish to accomplish.

If you find that it’s too demanding, then try using a week by week plan of events and goals. Try not to do it all yourself, ask for help from your family and maybe even your friends. Perhaps if they’re planning a trip to the mall, they would be able to pick up that gift certificate or engraved gift for you.

The holidays can be less stressful if a plan of what’s really important is your goal and time is taken to relax and “de-stress” yourself and family by relaxing, playing games, and perhaps a night or two of just spending time together, look- ing at old pictures. Your body will be running at a slower pace, allowing your mind to be more open and relaxed.

All of our lives are very full and hectic at times. Try to relax a few minutes each day, a few times a day, such as when you’re waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, on line at the grocery store, or even in the restroom.

If all else fails, take those deep cleansing breaths right before going to bed and be thankful for that day.

In conclusion, stress is not a welcome visitor in a healthy body. It needs to be blown away by a few breaths of fresh air!

References: http://www. mayoclinic.com/health/stress- symptoms/SR00008_D

http://www.webmd.com/ balance/guide/effects-of- stress-on-your-body

Linda E. Stumper, RPh, is a Pharmacist at BeJay Drugs, 450 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, 201-288-0404, www.bejaydrugs.com ###

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