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Hybrid/Solid State Controllers

Hybrid and solid state controllers are designed to provide the programming versatility that is needed to better protect our water resources. the technology that is necessary to accomplish this makes repairs by untrained persons. The following items should be checked before assuming that the controller is the problem.

Visible damage - Inspect the controller for any visible signs of damage. Check the keyboard for collapsed buttons: run your finger lightly over each of the buttons (a slight “hill” should be felt at each location). If a “valley” is felt then the keyboard must be replaced. This is not a warranty item. Inspect the printed circuit board for burned components; this is normally caused by lightning or other power surges. Power surges are also not covered by Rain Bird warranty.

Primary power - Verify that the primary power is within acceptable limits. Contact an electrician if incorrect.

Transformer - Verify that the transformer output voltage is between 24 and 28 VAC. If the output voltage is zero and the primary power is correct, then replace the transformer.

Circuit breaker/Fuse - Check the condition of the circuit breaker or fuse. If it has blown, the most likely reason is a field wiring short. When this happens, it only interrupts the 24 volt section of the transformer. The 12 volt section will remain active; therefore, the display will show that the station is on. Press the appropriate button(s) on the keypad to turn the active station(s) off. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse with the valve specified by the manufacturer. Manually6 advance the controller to station #1 and allow it to run for one minute. If station #1 operates correctly then advance to station #2 and repeat this procedure until the fuse blows. This will determine the problem station. Once the defective station has been located, disconnect the wire that operates that valve. Continue the above procedure to test the rest of the stations as there could be more than one problem. Once this has been completed the controller will operate all of the stations that are still connected. The faulty field wiring will have to be repaired before they can be reconnected to the controller.


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