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TGAAA Benefit Rights and Obligations

Under the


The Trade and Globalization Adjustment Assistance Act (TGAAA) of 2009 Program is a federal program that provides reemployment services to workers who have been found to be adversely impacted by increased imports or by a shift of production of articles or the supply of services to a foreign country.  The benefits you may receive under this program are:



You may qualify for up to 26 Weeks of Unemployment Insurance.

You may qualify for up to 26 Weeks of Basic Trade Readjustment Allowances if you are in approved TGAAA training, if you have completed training or if you are waived from the training requirement; criteria for waivers are discussed later in this Benefits Rights and Obligations document.

You may qualify for up to 78 Weeks of Additional Trade Readjustment Allowances if you are participating in approved TGAAA training (no waivers are allowed under Additional TRA).

You may be eligible for up to an additional 26 weeks of TRA for participating in remedial and/or pre-requisite training (no waivers are allowed under remedial and/or pre-requisite TRA). This would be a total of up to 156 weeks of possible TRA. Remedial training should be considered pre-vocational; that is, it leads to occupational, on-the-job or customized training that will equip the customer with specific job skills. Examples of remedial education are basic reading, writing and mathematical skills training, English as a Second Language (ESL) and courses leading to a GED.  Prerequisite education is coursework that the training institution requires for entry into the approved training program.

Your weekly TRA benefit may be reduced by wages you earn from work or other types of income, such as retirement pensions.  If you are in an approved training program, TRA weekly benefits are not paid for weeks that you do not attend all required classes or are on a break from training that exceeds 30 days.  Once your Basic TRA is exhausted, you will not receive further TRA unless you are participating in an approved training program.   

In order to be eligible for TRA cash benefits, you must:

Be a member of a certified worker group either separated or threatened with separation; the separation must be due to lack of work and you must have been employed for 26 weeks in the previous 52 weeks in impacted employment at wages of $30.00 or more per week;

Complete an application for Trade Readjustment Allowances at the Illinois Department of Employment Security;

Exhaust your regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits and any Federal and/or State Extensions;  AND

Meet at least one of the following criteria:


Be enrolled in an approved TGAAA training program by the end of the 26th week after your most recent separation from Trade-impacted employment;  OR


Be enrolled in an approved TGAAA training program by the end of the 26th week after the TGAAA Petition has been certified; or under special circumstances; OR


Be waived from TGAAA training.  However, you must be granted a waiver by the end of the 26th week after your separation from Trade-impacted employment, or by the end of the 26th week after the petition has been certified.  Other extensions for extenuating circumstances may apply.

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