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Completion of the job search within a reasonable period not exceeding 30 days after the day on which the job search began; A job search is deemed completed when you either secure employment or have contacted each employer to whom you were referred by the LWIA in connection with a job search; and

Verification of employer contacts. The LWIA shall verify contacts with employers certified by you.

Additional requirements:

Proof of a bona fide job interview (required from the employer conducting the interview);

Travel must be the least expensive method, for the shortest duration of time; and

You may be paid up to 50% of the Federal Allowable rates for lodging, meals, and travel expenses at the prevailing mileage rate.

A case manager will provide you with Federal allowable rates and the proper application for job search allowances.


If you obtain a bona fide offer of work outside the commuting area of a 25 mile radius and desire to move your possessions, you may file for a Relocation Allowance.  You may be eligible for a lump sum payment equivalent to three times your average weekly wage from adversely affected employment up to a maximum payment of $1,500.  The application for Relocation Allowances must be made in advance. Criteria established by the Federal government for which the approval of a relocation allowances can be made include:

A timely filed DCEO/TGAAA Form s 013 Application for TGAAA Out-of-Area Relocation Allowances;

Total separation from adversely affected employment at the time relocation commences;

No prior receipt of a relocation allowance under the same certification;

Relocation within the United States and outside your present commuting area;

Registration with the LWIA;

A determination by the LWIA that you have no reasonable expectation of securing suitable employment in the commuting area, and has obtained suitable employment affording a reasonable expectation of employment of long-term duration, or a bona fide offer of such suitable employment, outside the commuting area and in the area of intended relocation;  

There are time limitations on the application for relocation allowances:  425 days (15 months) after the certification date of the petition; 425 days (15 months) after your last total separation from employment, whichever is later or 182 days (6 months) after you complete your training.

The relocation must occur within 182 days after filing the application for relocation assistance or 182 days after the conclusion of training; and

Job search. Applications for a relocation allowance and a job search allowance may not be approved concurrently, but the prior payment of a job search allowance shall not otherwise preclude the payment of a relocation allowance.

A case manager will provide you with federal allowable rates and the proper application for relocation allowances.


An 80% credit for the cost you pay for health care insurance may be claimed on your federal income taxes.  During the period you would be payable TRA, the Illinois Department of Employment Security will transmit your name and other information to the Internal Revenue Service as an eligible TAA recipient once each month when you receive either an unemployment insurance payment, TRA payment, an ATAA/RTAA payment or you are on a break in approved training exceeding 30 days (not receiving TRA payment).  You will receive an HCTC Program Kit from the IRS after the IRS has received your name and information and the IRS will determine and notify you of your eligibility for HCTC.  For more information, you may contact the IRS at 1-866-628-HCTC (4282) or TDD/TTY 1-866-626-4282 or go to the IRS website at http://www.irs.gov (IRS KEYWORD: HCTC).

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