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Learning Visual Basic or C#

Here are some tips on learning Visual Basic or C#:

You learn by doing. As you watch the videos in these lessons, try to follow what I’ve done and re-create the project and the code. Pause the video. Rewind it and watch it over. Don’t just mindlessly copy source code from a website or from these videos. If something is not completely clear, take the time to use the Help feature to do some extra research.

Be patient. I began to teach myself Visual Basic 3 back in June 1993. I didn’t get my first real job using Visual Basic until February 1995. It took a lot of nights and weekends to learn it well enough to get a job. It probably won’t take you quite as long

  • after all, I didn’t have videos like these to get me started.

How long will it take you to learn? That depends on your level of commitment and your background in software development. However, after going through these lessons and watching the videos in this series, as well as all the videos on LearnVisualStudio.NET, you should have a pretty rich understanding of how to develop software using Visual Basic and C# and the Visual Studio.NET environment.

Find a project to do for a friend, your church, a small local business or a department within your company. If you have a project in mind as you begin to learn, it will force you to learn things you otherwise might overlook. Once you are finished, you will inevitably feel ambivalent: you’ll be so proud of what you’ve accomplished, and at the same time you will look back and realize how utterly pathetic that first attempt at programming was. Although I’m not a golfer, I understand there are similarities. If you are competitive and passionate, you’ll constantly seek ways to improve your game. But even Tiger Woods is never completely satisfied, although he may be one of the best who has ever played the game.

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