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To improve your personal and professional life. To successfully overcome personal hurdles to make lasting changes towards a happier and more successful life To break habits you’d like to stop To build the confidence to develop new skills, improve relationships and improve your performance generally To remove obstacles in your life that are holding you back


Marked positive changes in how you think, feel and act Lasting and positive changes in your life at home and at work Greatly improved self-confidence and self-image A healthy new relationship to your body, food and feelings

Tessa Kirby Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

For one to one therapy or her ‘Living Light Weight Loss Class’ and ‘Smoking Cessation Class’


Jane Sen Healing Foods Cookery Class

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Tessa is a Hypnotherapist who is skilled in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) who launched her work in November 2004 to create a unique and highly effective therapeutic style that enables immediate change with lasting results. Tessa works with those who want to stop smoking, lose weight, develop self-confidence or overcome a phobia. This work is crucial to the Regenerative Health Programme as it is low self-esteem, smoking, over eating and excess alcohol which can have such a negative impact upon our health. Tessa also provides her approach in a group setting for those who prefer to work with the support of others who are dealing with the same issue.


Jane has combined her 25 years of experience as a professional chef with up to date research into the power of nutrients to reverse illness and maintain good health. For 12 years she was Executive Chef at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care), winning within one year the ‘Food Programme Award for the Best Contribution to Healthy Eating’ in the UK. Jane has designed a unique and very effective style of creative, healthy cooking which she calls ‘Cuisine Vivante’. Using really fresh whole foods and organic produce she has developed delicious ‘Healing Foods’ recipes to inspire a passion for life and bring you energy and well being. Jane’s clear and down to earth approach will help you clarify many of the confusing issues that can obstruct the change towards a healthy, enjoyable style of eating. Her priorities in choosing and developing recipes are firstly, that they must taste absolutely delicious. Jane says, “Our food should nourish every part of us as a vital part of our total joy of living. Everything about our food should be a pleasure.” She is also very realistic about the need to make healthy food attractive, affordable and easy to produce in a busy modern world.

As our food plays such a leading role in the prevention, management and recovery from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, eczema, cancer, depression, digestive dysfunction, reproductive problems, skin conditions, weight imbalance and infection, learning how to shop, cook, grow and present our food healthily and beautifully and is an absolute must to delight both our senses and our cells. As Jane says, ”Everybody has to eat – it’s a wonderful way to change the odds in your favour”.

Jane’s class will run each time we have a large enough group size wishing to work with her, so please register your name with our Programme Co-ordinator if you would like to benefit from Jane’s unique style, cooking genius and incredible creativity.

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