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Mari Fujikawa Johrei Healing Group

Mike Tooze Walking Group

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Mari Fujikawa is a Health Sciences MPhil with a specialist interest in the Japanese healing practice known as Johrei, which is a form of healing developed in Japan during the 1920s by the Japanese artist, healer and spiritual leader, Mokichi Okada. What is unique about Johrei is that it is used as a self-help practice rather than as a therapy and once learned can become part of daily life at home or at work for a boost in health and energy and for ever increasing wellbeing and peace of mind. Johrei is based on the understanding that both physical and non-physical aspects exist in our lives and that our non-physical aspects, namely our mind and spirit, greatly influence our physical wellbeing. Our modern lifestyle constantly exposes us to toxins, stress and negativity that cast 'clouds' in our spirit which can be melted away by this beautiful gentle healing process.

Mari runs her drop-in group on a volunteer basis, inviting only donations for the Healthy Bristol charity which supports the provision and teaching of Johrei in the UK. We hope you will come and learn more about this simple and elegant means of accessing the intimate and spiritual space into which you may bring healing and beauty.

Mike’s passion for the countryside and environment started as a young boy walking with his mother (while his dad fished) and he spent most of his youth outdoors happily walking across Exmoor. At school and university he enjoyed a wide range of sport and also got into music. Leap forward 30 years and Mike still combines these two great loves – given half a chance he’ll seek out a stunning beauty spot in the middle of nowhere and enjoy some beautiful downtime playing his lilting whistle or some ripping blues on the harmonica! After years of professional engineering, running his own renewable energy company, creating fabulous events and fireworks performances he married Rosy Daniel and helped her to build Health Creation. The act of walking in nature is still his favourite way of nurturing his soul and he is keen to lead others who might benefit from this life and health enhancing experience.

Daily walking has now been showed by American cardiologist Dr Dean Ornish to be an essential part of reversing heart disease and diabetes and it is Mike’s aim to ensure that all those on the Regenerative Programme can sustain their healthy lifestyle change for their long term good.


  • To organise a daily 30-45 minute walk to help those on the Regenerative Programme maintain a daily exercise regime

  • To create walks that are manageable for those of you who are beginning your journey back to health and that are beautiful and

refreshing to help inspire you to stay on your journey

  • To build up to Grade 2 walks and Grade 3 runs for those of you wishing to get even fitter


  • Walking for fitness thoroughly oxygenates body tissues, alkalises the body by releasing carbon dioxide and tones the muscles

  • Exercise produces mood enhancing endorphins - the body’s natural feel good factor that will lift your mood and get you feeling great. Combine this with the beauty of the great outdoors and walking unleashes fantastic inner resources and motivation to get even fitter

  • Over time the ultimate objective of reversing lifestyle illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and even preventing cancer

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